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Frustrated GM reaching out to find new players.

Hello people.

I have been tossing dice since the early 90s, come and leave the game time to time, and wing it when I don't.

I have an issue, where my table is inconsistent and I cannot keep dealing with this. I have a Discord/Roll20 that I run, or in this case, try to run a game.

1. Players ignore time table, show up whenever.
2. Players miss game days without even alerting the GM.
3. Other players who GM on different days, have no issue with people showing up.
4. Etc.
5. Etc, with cursing.
6. Cursing.

I favor story, interaction, and inventiveness. My campaign book has drawn from a lot of ideas over the years, a lot of designs. From the old Midnight d20 to a bit of 2nd Ed to Pathfinder and so on, I built an entire world.. That no one cares about because they'd rather grid and slash or just waste time forever and ignore any kind of plot.

I miss having FUN in these games and instead of feeling like no-one gives a bantha's dropping for my game setting.

I am looking for people to play in a game setting I have been working on, for... A good bit of time. The campaign book is like 187 or so pages, with another 50-70 that I was working on but became so disillusioned with due to the table that I stopped.

Before I get into the information, this.

These rules are written on paper, not etched in stone tablets. Rules are suggested guidelines, not required edicts. If the rules don't say you can't do something, you can. There are no official answers, only official opinions. When dice conflict with the story, the story always wins. Min/Maxing and Munchkinism aren't problems with the game; they're problems with the player. The Game Master has full discretionary power over the game. The Game Master always works with, not against, the players. A game that is not fun is no longer a game - it's a chore. This book contains answers to all things. When the above does not apply, make it up.

I am running a pathfinder 1st ed based game, but this campaign world I created started long before PF, let alone 3rd ed, was around. I have evolved it, added to it and updated it with each system it plays out in. It does use a lot of carefully gone over 3rd party/wiki materials from some of the old d&D wikis. I have a lot of custom mechanics and classes put into it. I've done unique backgrounds for some of the races that there are.

Some classes exist, some do not. Some races do, some do not. The rules for my character generation are set and I prefer to stick within them as tried and true classes/races that fit the game world itself. I am not looking for rules-lawyers or players who only enjoy arguing with the DM to get what they want or derail the game out of 1d100 reasons. I just want two or so people to sit down, roll some dice, and play. I also want players who will actually -read- the work I've done and operate within the framework. It's no Forgotten Realms campaign setting, but it is pretty bloody cool.

GM is USA/EST TZ. I use roll20 for the game and discord/ skype for voice when needed, but I am fine running a silent game in roll20.

My attempt to summarize a 15+ odd year-long game world.............

The world is post psionic and arcane apocalypse, when a psion elevated themselves to godhood, using immense machines, broke the weave of magic. This being then turned the planet into a psionic hell. The being was so powerful he even destroyed the gods, along with the planets firm connection to the Prime. Only through world breaking effort did he be defeated, or seemed to be. The planet took 1,000 years or more to recover and is now a magi-tech/industrial world. Most healing is either alchemical or automail/magical cyber tech. The land has everything from non-necromantic undead and lizardfolk to sentient constructs. The world is split among many large islands, each with varying magical and technological levels. It is a blend of medieval concepts such as kings and knights and swords, alongside magically powered guns and airships.

Most of the game is centered around a huge island-continent called Lorso and is the hub of many things from pirates and wanderers to thieves, merchants, and madmen. Religion and the gods are tenuous at best, divine power and diabolic power nearly unheard of myths. The world is anti psionics and anti sorcerer due to the historical associations, wizards are heavily regimented and so on into castes. There are many techno-magical guilds that abound. The world has its own language, weird magically twisted weather, and portals along the lines of Sigil, just on a smaller scale.

In this world, strict concepts such as alignment, allegiance, and law have evolved to suit the unusual nature of this world. It is a planet still in recovery, where mana nexus' can be found, spilling raw planetary energy out. Where airships might be powered by electrical energy or by trapped souls. Your local barber-surgeon is as much a blacksmith and metal shaper as he is a doctor. Within this shattered world, great old machines sit, ruined cities and lairs of monsters abound. Among this, however, is that evolving spark of hope and growth. Of heroism, and the steady upward path to recovery.

Unique rules for everything ranging from healing surges and teleportation magic to critical hits and currency are used. The world also blends elements of the Midnight d20 setting, notably the Heroic Paths. All of the custom classes have been revised to follow the spirit of Pathfinder classes, the game also makes extensive use of a potentially character altering power called Flux Points, a 16 page background generator designed to work with the theme as well has been created. Nearly the entire book is my work alone barring rules sourced from other places.

So, here I am. Checking this site out, and seeing what I can come up with.
The legend of the cataclysm.

The tale of the destruction of the world is that of one beings’ grasp for power, of one whose name is not spoken. A being of psionic nature and power, who over a long lifespan gathered power that would rival that of the gods. This being, unsatisfied with his dark powers, unsatisfied with his depth of might and strength, sought out relics of power; searching through old tomes and older legends to seek the divine rings that would grant the bearer their utmost desires. Finding them, the Unnamed one sought out the past itself, returning to the origins of the world, seeding technology and magic through the times and his name on the stones of history.
His homeland, the continent whose name is forgotten by most all, was once a mecca of both magical power and technical might, skyscrapers and castles growing alongside each other, where both arcane power and high technology reigned, from, according to myth, the ability to travel beyond the planet itself to arcane powers to shape and move the very soil and rock of the planet as one saw fit.
This was not enough for the Unnamed one, no, working his foul powers long beforehand this one set up constructs of terrible power and intent, from towers of glass to siphon the life force from those around it to monsters of a mechanical nature, powered by the brains and souls of the once-living, no act was too dark for the Unnamed one’s grasp. As his power grew so did his greed and the chance, to travel backward in time, to unseat the deities themselves from power and install but one, himself to divine level and mastery over an entire world.
Through long trial and plotting the Unnamed one gained relics from the early dawn of power, items the gods themselves forgot or forsake and, gathering an army of loyal minions and those they though his friends the Unnamed one stepped backward in time. Working from almost the very start, his power reached like a cancer, technology and dark psionic ability staining the land, where once was life only metal and crystal grew, the peninsula of Lorso, once a center for high learning and technological exploration, became a virtual slave camp; controlled by powers none understood and fewer could resist against as the very land seemed to change and warp before those who could see the change.
His dark work done, the Unnamed one slew his minions and fellow doers of evil, stowing their souls and minds in objects about the altered continent and returned to his own time. His plot to reap dark powers and to assume mastery seemingly complete. For a time, it was, and none or nothing could stand to him, this one who’s sheer power and destroyed the deities themselves; metal and crystal ruled now. Minds are stolen from bodies in birth and enslaved to cold heartless machines, beings once of light became only of ice now.
The Unnamed one’s power was absolute and total none but a mere handful of beings and a few isolated deities who had managed to shrug off or avoid his grasp, retained any sense of reality as it once was and should be. Nearly powerless those who knew the world as it was could do little but wait for the dark one to fall, and eventually, their hopes came true though in a more terrible aspect then they could have hoped for. The ending of the Unnamed one almost as destructive as his reign.

Soon mastery of the people, their minds, powers, and souls was his. Crystal towers filled the landscape, all was under the grasp of the machine and all were one within its iron grasp. His power over the planet itself was not total, for the lifeforce of the planet still mocked him, or so he thought in the form of earthquakes, floods and other ‘problems’, mad now with power, wielding the might of the highest of deities the Unnamed one reached out, reached out and attempted to wrench control of the planet itself to his own grasp.
Gathering his might, calling to his mind slaves, the Unnamed one extended his power downwards, reaching through the planet, past the souls he controlled; through the rivers and rocks to the very core of the planet itself. While his power was great, it was not enough for in the very act of attempting to control the life of the planet, of its beings and its very core he failed; instead of control chaos happened instead of power destruction exploded. In his attempt to gain control of the planet he sundered the very life force into fragments, the same lifeforce his powers had used for centuries to power devices of unholy and dark ability; stolen and abused over and over like one might a small animal.
Some claim the planet itself fought back at last, fighting to keep its power what remained; others state the deities who remained sprang to action, attempting to slay the Unnamed one at this moment and end his grasp on the planet and its beings regardless of the source. The effects were instant and permanent. The planet was nearly wiped clean of life, plants, animals, the races themselves dropping dead as their life forces were sucked dry, snuffed out and removed.

Magic itself went wild, shattering cities and devices across the whole of the planet. Lorso itself and the lands around were ripped from the fabric of the world and flung into a magical wellspring as a last act of the Unnamed one to save himself some claim; others again state the deities did it to save what they could for the future of the planet regardless of what it might be; though it was still not enough.
The effects happened in moments, but the aftermath was permanent, the deities who remained bare of almost all power, the inhabitants who survived either driven mad by the chaos or lost without the grasp of the Unnamed one and the destruction of the only society they were ever able to remember. Life itself on the continent and the rest of the world all but stopped for thousands of years as those who remained there gathered what little they could, falling back on old ways, older then the Unnamed ones tampering or the divine influence, all the while the world forgot about the fragment of itself that was torn away.
In the last act, either of revenge, accident or planning the very power the Unnamed one looked to control and take as his, claimed him, his body turning to fire in that instant his mind and soul captured by the planet. Some state that the Unnamed one still exists, in a half state, tormented and used by the very planet he once controlled to heal itself and to heal those who still live on it.
Fragments remain still, relics of the Unnamed ones machines still exist, lurking and wandering, those who remember his name though do not speak it may sleep still; there may even be one Hero from that time left one who was placed into slumber by the powers of the Unnamed one to be used later or to prevent this one from stopping him the truth of this is not known, but some state that if the portal to his location is found, much of the planet may restore itself someday, or those with the Power to stop the Unnamed one may be given a chance or at least the hope, of a chance to save the planet, this is all legend in most tongues and minds though.
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