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[funny] Ruin an RPG by changing one letter of its title


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I'll start.

Dudgeon World: a game about grumpy people living in a world of some sort; maybe it's a fantasy world, maybe not, all we know is: they're annoyed

Codbound: you have powers over one species of fish, and nothing else

Mu Shu: a game about Chinese cooking competitions (...actually this one might not suck)

Burning Heel: a game about walking barefoot in the desert, and no other activities


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Codbound: you have powers over one species of fish, and nothing else
That reminds me of something my brother once scratched into the wood of his desk when he was young: "AB is Cod". It was meant to be "Cool", but the final o and the l were too close together...

I offer:

Park Dungeons
A retroclone of one of the classic games where you get to venture underground and plant flowers, walk the dog and have picnics


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Fat - the RPG of putting,on weight.
Ate - the "monster manual" for Fat.
Patchfinder - the game of mending shared quilts
Tsarfinder - after the Russian revolution, looking for surviving members of the royal family.
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Edge of the Umpire - the RPG based around the rebellion of the World Series Cricket in 1977. A bunch of plucky cricket rebels, lead by heroic media tycoon Kerry Packer, lead the fight against the tyranny of the Test and County Cricket Board.

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Goolike: Play WW2 superheroes made out of slime.

Bunnies & Barrows: Watership Down goes dungeoncrawling to fight the undead.

Blames in the Dark: A criminal heist has gone disastrously wrong. The crew debates who screwed up.

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Shadowrub: You play hired criminals that... stealthily, like, for money. It's a job, okay?

Cyberfunk 2020: Funky musicians living on the edge in a dystopian corporate-dominated future.

Earthdamn: Mad Max meets Scooby-Doo and Lord of the Rings after the demon apocalypse.

Dearlands: The tame west with, no spaghetti, no meat, but flowers, and friendly animals that offer sage advice.


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Cage: The Awakening. The PC's all wake up in a cage. What happens next depends on who or what else the GM put in the cage with you.


Cage: The Ascension. The PC's are underground cage match fighters trying to work their way up the ranks for big payouts while avoiding the law.


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Chronicles of Dorkness - basically every unsympathetic depiction of role-playing games in the media. Full of cringe and inanity.

Dredd - uses Jenga as a task resolution mechanic. If the tower falls, you've been gunned down by the Judge.

Ball of Cthulhu - elder gods compete to fill their dance cards, wear the most impressive frocks and flirt with eligible bachelors.

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Shill - where you explore creepy places, looking for ways to introduce product placement and marketing techniques

Cogs in the Vineyard - watch assemblers struggle to be respected in a largely agricultural society

Tasks: a New Generation - you're the office-worker descendants of other office workers. Can you get your to-do list completed?

Gortex+ - a generic system for simulating all kinds of cold-weather apparel

Danger Petrol - you pump gas for a living, try not to blow anything up

Earthdown - a game of tunneling into the earth and finding...nothing. Just rocks and dirt.

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GULPS -- A drinking RPG where all actions are determined by whether you can handle more shots than the difficulty number

Dork Conspiracy -- A near future RPG where the "cool" guys and gals keep running into tech gone bad (Coincidence? I think not!)

Where Wolf -- A game all about who can be first to find that elusive wolf (Sorry, but I loved Young Frankenstein)

Tunnels and Tolls -- An RPG about driving the toll roads of the world

Boot Hell -- Roleplaying a Return desk agent at the crappiest boot store in the world


TimeWitch -- A real witch escapes the Salem Witch Trials and now time travels to champion those blamed for things they didn't do
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