Fyre Festival LARP on Detroit's Belle Isle


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An idea that originated as an insomnia-fueled joke at 2 a.m. has, in less than a week, sparked interest in thousands of people from all over the country.

No, we're not talking about Fyre Festival, the ill-fated music fest that is the subject of two dueling documentaries recently released on Netflix and Hulu.

We're talking about a Fyre Fest LARP — that's "Live Action Role Playing" for the novice — planned for Detroit's own island getaway, Belle Isle.

"I meant it to be a joke, to be honest, and now it’s going to happen because people seem really seem into it," says Michelle Birawer of Harsh Tokes Booking. "It’s becoming its own thing without me releasing any information. It's becoming a social experiment, but a positive one!"
This is fascinating to me on so many levels. I knew a lot of memes, joke t-shirts, etc. would happen after the documentaries, but I honestly never predicted a LARP. I should have, but nope.

Details are pretty thin on what folks are actually going to do in the LARP (as well as where they will be staying...).


Craig Oxbrow

Ah, y'know. This guy.
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I thought the Fyre festival would work as a Fiasco playset, or the start of a horror adventure, but yeah. And details being thin is appropriate to the subject matter!


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The irony of course being that this event will likely be better organized and supported than the actual Fyre festival.

Will probably get better press, too.
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