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Game Designers' Resource Thread


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I don't recall having seen this here: http://www.faqs.org/ologies-isms/index.html

I dunno even what to call it, but there's just some really great words and ideas. It's not quite a thesaurus. For example, I happened across the site by searching google for magic suffixes (-mancy, -lugry, etc).


This not only gives some neat words and their meanings, like "prestidigitation", "thaumaturgism" and "abracadabrism", but it helpfully points us to related categories such as Alchemy and Divination.


Hopping over to Demons gives us things like "demonolatry", "nympholepsy", and "polydemonism".

Some neat words that could make your writing more gooder sounding.


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This is a topic that is "topical" to us.

What does it take for you to read a homebrew setting?

There is a number of listed things (Is it art? Have you ever read a wall of text setting?, Is it the premise? Have you ever read a bog-standard fantasy homebrew setting?, Is it resources and rules alterations? Have you ever read a setting that was all fluff without a bestiary, special rules of laser swords, etc?, Is it word-of-mouth? Have you ever read a homebrew setting that you found online? Is it layout? Have you ever read a homebrew setting in a Google Doc? Bonus question: Have you ever run one?

Very curious to see what people think. Thanks!... and it follows the answers of others...



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I've started a wiki to share accessibility guidance for tabletop RPGs that I'm suggesting people can use as guidance recommendations within their games. Information on the site would be freely available. I would also implore that anyone with a disability or professional/personal experience in supporting disabilities to please check it out. Suggest corrections where corrections may be needed, and populate whatever information they have available. The end goal is to make gaming tables more accessible.


Of course for more established information you can also check out other resources such as

and http://www2.aslrpg.com/

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DDO is a cool online game with multiple players using D7D 5e rules. You can download and play for free. If you cant find a game it is a good alternative. I play from time to time when I am not writing new content for my campaign that we play every Friday.
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