Game of Thrones parody videos?


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An amusement park here in Stockholm did a trailer for their opening for the summer inspired by the Game of Thrones intro.


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The Axis of Awesome captures the experience of many book readers around 2012 or so.



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There is also 'Where I try to understand Game of Thrones'. The watcher does things out of order and gives nicknames to everyone(Dany is 'Legolas Hair')


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No Warp Zone so far ? Disappointing...

Here, the best one, includin a young Dodger. :)
They also made an A-Capella version of the Opening, tho I am not sure if that fits here.

This one does, however… :D

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Sesame Street did a video about respect with Tyrion and Cersei. And Elmo.

And a bit off topic, but they also did one for Westworld, that other great HBO show that it's totally appropriate for kids to watch. With Cookie Monster.

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