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Games that Can't Be Named

Instead of my usual Bad Wrong Fun update this week I have decided instead to bring you guys news about NYC RPGs first project.

Sorry to inform the crowd so late but I was sideswiped by life and wanted to try and push this news out with a site content update as well. Since that isn't going to be possible I am trying to get the word out last minute style.

Games that Can't Be Named​

Tavis Allison of Adventuring Parties and Bad Wrong Fun are Launching NYC RPG's first project by organizing a weekly series of gaming events over the next six Wednesday evenings. 1/18, 1/25, 2/8, 2/15, and 2/22 will all be at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, 138 Sullivan St. in Manhattan; the location for 2/1 is likely to be the Brooklyn Strategist’s new location, construction permitting. There will be roleplaying going on from 7-11 pm each of these Wednesdays.

Here are answers to some questions you may have:

What are Games that Can’t Be Named?
I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you!

OK, it’s no secret that there are a lot of things in the RPG world going on right now that haven’t yet been released, that some people are playing, and that NDAs make it hard to talk about. Come by and we may hook you up with one or more of these, which may or may not be the ones you’re thinking of.

Is this event open to the public?
Yes, just show up and we’ll have you sign in blood at the door.

Do I need to be there right at 7? Is it OK if I need to leave before 11?
Come by whenever you can, stay for as long as you like! Different structures for gaming is one of the things we’d like to test out in this series of events. A barrier to entry for new players is that you usually have to make a somewhat substantial time commitment before you know whether you’re going to like RPGs. It’d be sweet if we collectively worked out a way to offer a Vegas buffet of fun that could suit nibblers as well as those interested in a full sit-down meal.

Will there be gallery-goers wandering in and out?
No, we should have a relatively private space (where D20 Burlesque did their thing for the last event we held at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art). However, if you have friends who might be interested in gaming for whom it’s easier to talk them into going to a gallery, feel free to bring them wandering in!

Do I need to bring anything?
No! If you have a favorite set of dice, paper and pencil, etc. you’re welcome to bring those, but it’s not necessary.

Is there a cover charge?

These first two weeks we’re going to pass the hat to help cover expenses. The SGDA owner is a gamer and liked having games in the gallery so he gave us a good deal on the venue, but it’s not free. As part of our agenda of generating positive representations of gamers in the media and recruiting, we’d also like to cover the costs of things like flyers and making actual play videos and suchlike fun. So we’re going to suggest that if you have a good time, you throw in something like the price of a movie ticket to crowdfund this goodness.

Bad Wrong Fun’s list of sponsors is impressive and growing all the time, so down the road we may have other ways to make ends meet like selling raffle tickets for some of their cool stuff.

P.S. Before someone asks me what the hell Bad Wrong Fun is again - Here is a link to our FAQ page.
Quick play report before I hit the hay, Out of the 16 or so people we had attend we had one or 2 from the NYC D&D meetup a few from Nerd NYC a few Bad Wrong Fun folks and a few folks from the NY Redbox crew.

We had OSR gamers playing alongside 4e players playing alongside indie gamers all having a good time.

It was great validation for my belief that people aren't looking for the perfect game they are looking for a good time.

What our hobby needs isn't more products its more people to play with. That's my opinion - but what the hell do I know right? lol

My favorite part of the night (that I can talk about) was the Mother-Son team of players who showed up - the mom having taught her son to play D&D 20 years ago and not having played for years since.

Then she sits down and has a great time and even wins the raffle for the GameScience die (d100 Zocchidron) I raffled off. (I will have more goodies next week from a different sponsor of Bad Wrong Fun to raffle off too.)

Personally I thought she was a great player too... picked things up like a duck to water. It really seemed like she had a good time too. I know she was able to fit in just fine.

Props to Tavis Allison for running a good game, we will see if I live up to his tough act to follow next week as I take the helm. If things take off like I suspect they might however we might both have to run tables. As it was he had almost all he could handle. I wont be surprised if we double our crowd next week.

Roleplaying to me is about the experience not the rules. I will be posting pictures from the event on Bad Wrong Fun's site later this week in our multimedia section.

Tomorrow's event is at the new location of the Brooklyn Strategist, 333 Court St. The game we'll be introducing this week is double-top-secret, as in we'll make you sign a NDA before you even get to look at the second NDA.

Reports from people who've come out to the past two sessions are up at the Mule Abides. Hope you'll come and join us if you're in town!

Discussion topic for the benefit of the vast majority of people in Tabletop Open who aren't near Brooklyn:

Games that Can't Be Named are unavoidably so because they're not publicly available yet. On the one hand this has caused some problems because we can't set expectations by saying "we'll be playing X, you know what that's like." On the other hand it has been pretty awesome to play with people willing to show up and try whatever.

Do the benefits of any kinds of label - specific like "Essentials-only 4e" or general like "story game" - in helping people find an experience they're likely to enjoy outweigh the drawbacks that labels let us self-segregate into different fragments of what could otherwise be a unified gaming community?
Well it's been a short while since I have run my soup-coolers over here about GCBN or BWF by extension.

We have had a few folks from here drop by, hang out, and (hopefully) have a really good time!

I did want to update a bit however...

Tavis Allison of Adventuring Parties and Myself (Bad Wrong Fun) have Launched NYC RPG's first project by organizing a weekly series of gaming events which are continuing over the next 3 Wednesday evenings. 2/15, 2/22 and 2/29 will all be at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, 138 Sullivan St. in Manhattan. There will be roleplaying going on from 7-11 pm each of these Wednesdays.

Here is the relevant change:

Is there a cover charge?

Our crowd funded "suggested donation" experiment came close to helping cover costs completely but fell short just slightly each time - therefore we are moving to a standard door charge. We are hoping that by moving in this direction, we can cover previous costs and start building a nest egg for future events.

To cover the costs of the gallery, and perhaps slightly slow our rate of growth before we overflow the venue, (We have now more than doubled in size of attendees) we will now be instituting a $10 door charge. This will replace the suggested donation, although we will still informally collect pizza money. I will be raffling a door prize (Most likely another Set of GameScience dice) by way of thanks.

Tonight will feature yet another new un-named game. (Our 4th so far) We expect there will still be some tables running previous playtests if you missed something exciting, or can't get enough of a particular title. We also look forward to seeing how using different rules in a similar environment will change our experience of play.

Feel free to invite personal friends in private, if you have played something at a previous event and had a great time with it - but please respect the need to keep the specifics of what we're up to under wraps when talking publicly.

P.S. - here are some photos of one of our events!
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