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Games We've Beaten 2019


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It took me a while, but I was just able to finish the absolutely gigantic mod Quake: Arcane Dimensions. This is the one that includes the map Forgotten Sepulcher that made the news on various gaming sites a couple years ago. That level was quite good, but there is another called Foggy Bogbottom which is just as amazing IMO.

Bliss Authority

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I have finally played through all of Butterfly Soup, which I highly recommend. Mostly because Akarsha really is the worlds greatest miracle.


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Watch Dogs 2. I'd been looking forward to playing this one, and it did not disappoint. For some, the characters have been described as cringey and unbelievable, but I loved them, and San Francisco was a fun and colorful playground. I also appreciated that there were stealthy and/or nonlethal ways to get through most missions, and you don't even end up laying a punch on the smug a-hole who's the main antagonist (you walk out and let SFPD take him away in cuffs for all his many crimes. Mind you, my way of playing ended up using the heck out of the ability to fake evidence and instigate gang attacks on NPCs, so it's not like I was morally un-culpable :p

I think it's a solid 8/10, with the proviso that you have to be able to tolerate a fair bit of Ubisoft-standard open world map design, dotted with collectibles, activities and missions, many of which aren't strictly necessary (I only did any of the various racing minigames for the requisite trophies, and never ended up doing the Uber-like taxi-on-demand assignments at all)
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