Games with the "Has Nightmares" disadvantage?


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I was just wondering what games you've played that featured your character having nightmares as a purchasable flaw at chargen, and if you've played such a game, what the mechanical effect of the flaw was.


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Lets see of the Top of my head I have used a PCs Nightmare Disadvantage in KULT,Little Fears,Witchcraft & Dresden Files.

Either as a Plot Hook or a way to keep the Player from getting a good nights sleep causing him to be on edge etc.

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Savage Worlds has that "hindrance", in both unofficial / fan stuff and lot of official settings (like Weird War, or Rippers, or Necropolis etc.), mostly horror.


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VtM had Nightmares as a flaw. When they affected the character, they lost a die out of their dice pool for all actions for the rest of the night.


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Deadlands has 'Night Terrors' as a hindrance, and it's been converted to Savage Worlds in a number of ways.


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BASH! doesn't have it in the official rules- but it does say you can make up your own. AslanC made up his own Nightmares advantage as seen here in his "Lady America" character.
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One of the more entertaining implementations I've encountered - I unfortunately cannot recall the game - had the player roll on a random table of common subjects like "cats" and "people wearing red" at the start of each session. If their character encountered the rolled subject during that session, they'd suffer penalties for the rest of the scene due to a creeping paranoia that their nightmares were proving prophetic. :D


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Legend of the Five Rings 4ed has the disadvantage Cursed by the Realms: Yume-Do. Just makes it so you need to sleep 10 hours instead of eight to regain void.


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Buffy has Recurring Nightmares where at the start of each day on a roll of 1 on a d10 you suffer a penalty for that day. I think.
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