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Gen Con 50: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition spotted?!


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Their statement was written in their Facebook page the same day of the announcement, C7 was replying to an user specifically... IIRC they wrote about taking steps from 2nd and 1st...
Yeah, that's definitely what they have been saying.

Which makes sense, given that during 2E days lots of people were just using the 2E rules with 1E-style setting stuff (including, to a certain extent, the developers). Now that the Old World setting has been wrapped up and there's no more metaplot forthcoming for it, Cubicle 7 can have a bit of a freer hand there, so if their tastes are anything like the bulk of UK-based WFRP fans I know, what we'll get will be steeped in 1st edition feel but have 2nd edition-style tune-ups (particularly to the magic system - the one in 2nd Edition is much better than the 1st Edition one), and perhaps some additional refinements and improvements here and there.

Age of Sigmar is apparently having its own distinct system, so my hunch is that that's the one they are allowing themselves to get imaginative on system-wise whilst WFRP4 is the grognard product. Which is fine, it means those who like the older WFRP editions get what they want and those who want something fresh and new and different might like what they get in Age of Sigmar. It leaves 3rd edition fans out in the cold a bit, but given that FFG are doing stuff like putting out a generic version of their custom dice system (and thus asserting their ownership over it) producing new WFRP3-style material may well be impossible.


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The original WHFRP RPG had a fairly strong role in defining setting details for the then growing Warhammer setting, especially on the 'day to day feel' of the setting, making it feel 'lived in'. I would like to see the AoS RPG also have that kind of impact on that setting. It's got the gonzo stuff and apparently has been building onto that as it releases material but having some of the 'ground level' stuff filled in by the RPG would be great I think.


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Having talked a bit with one of the guys at the C7 booth, he had the following tidbits to share:

*WHFRP4 will be a bit different from 1&2, but "if you stood on their shoulders, you could clearly see 4 from there". It will not borrow anything from 3, and is clearly looking to be the latest evolution of the classic % system.

*default setting of 4 is Enemy Within era Empire. By dialing the timeline back, they let everyone enjoy the classic Old World feel and decide for themselves how far they wish to go into the Storm of Chaos/End Times material.

*WFRP is meant to be the "look, a bloodthirster! run!" game, while Age of Sigmar is meant to be the "look, a bloodthirster! charge!" game. Different power levels, different gonzo levels. He said that while he and other writers on WFRP4 are big fans of the classic Old World, they're actually really looking forward to AoS as a chance to do something that feels very different within the Warhammer mythos. He said they have hopes to develop AoS's setting into something very special, and those who were originally turned off by AoS should give the rpg take on it a second look. Maybe that's sales hype, but he seemed genuine.

*he said the current regime at GW is very enthusiastic about RPGs and is a dream to work with. C7 has already been offered free ad space in White Dwarf as a way of supporting the rpg-end of the Warhammer hobby. It's probably too much to hope for WFRP articles to return to White Dwarf, but who knows?


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I am enthusiastic for Cubicle 7's involvement, particularly for Age of Sigmar. I know, I know - it's heresy! But surely they can spin the board game into narrative gold.

That, and C7's production values are stellar!


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First edition WHFRP had a sly sense of humour which was a beautiful relief to the grim and perilous flavour. That was gradually eroded over each new edition. The game lost something unique.

I really hope they bring back this much missed aspect to the game.


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Having talked a bit with one of the guys at the C7 booth, he had the following tidbits to share:

WOW, thanks for the report man!

I’m very impatient to read the corebook, even tough I’m a bit disenchanted about the future, to be fair.

Old-TEW timeline is fantastic nontheless. Giving to the players the Empire to its best to eventually ruin is the best choice they could have made! I hope they will retrieve the old realistic aesthetics as far as possible.

Taking steps from 1st and 2nd… I REALLY HOPE they will evolve from the “HP...HP...HP….0 HP: criticals until you explode” effect...it’s the Stone-Age!!! In EclipsePhase (also a d100) you die at 0 HP (sort of) but you can accumulate “Critical effects” every time you take damage that goes over a certain threshold (total HP /5). Every “Critical effect” you accumulate gives cumulative malus (-10%) and the obvious narrative effects tied to the injury you suffered.
IIRC Zweihander took a similar mechanic from EP, am I right? It shouldn’t be difficult to implement a similar mechanic: considering that having 60% in a skill in EclipsePhase is a common thing and HPs go from 30 to 45 I think that the threshold should be put to HP/3 or /4 for a WFRP 2nd edition comparable standard, so that PCs would suffer a maximum of -30% malus in the worst case.
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Ideally I'd like WFRP 4E to take inspiration from the 1st and 2nd editions but with an eye towards streamlining the rules slightly, I doubt anything particularly interesting will be done with the setting since GW licenses tend to be fairly strict on stuff like that IIRC, but now they're not really pressing forward with WFB who knows? As for AoS, I've been off the GW wagon for ages so I've no experience of the TT wargame, I read a bit of the background and wasn't particularly taken with it to be honest, I'm sure as a license to sell miniatures it works fine but otherwise it didn't grab me.


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I'm really happy to hear that WFRP 4th is going to be set in the "Enemy Within" period, but also have 2 hopes for the development of the line:
1-they "get" the humour that was throughout the 1st edition (it could be corny, but also instilled a sense of "fun" into the game)
2-rather than progressing the "timeline" forwards, I would love to see the setting expand sideways with sourcebooks and scenarios for other areas of the World - give me the New World and Lustria, Araby and the Southlands, grand Cathay and Nippon. I fell there are a host of potential settings that could benefit from a "Warhammer" style approach aside from the Empire...


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All of that sounds really positive, Gears - I'm especially glad to hear they are dialling the default time period back to the 1st edition setting. And that Bloodthirster analogy about the difference between WFRP and AoS suggests that they have a good handle on how to make those experiences distinct.
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