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Gen Con: SERENITY RPG Scenarios by MWP


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Margaret Weis Press and Sovereign Press will be running several SERENITY RPG scenarios at Gen Con 2006 that are not and will not be in the registration book. The way you get into the games is to simply go to the Sovereign Press booth (#505) and sign up for them there. We'll be running three different scenarios twice over the con's duration and will have multiple gamemasters at each slot.

The times are as follows:

Thursday, 1pm to 5pm (Scenario: "Jamboree")

Friday, 10am to 1pm (Scenario: "Abyss")

Friday, 2pm to 5pm (Scenario: "Reaver's Dance")

Saturday, 10am to 1pm (Scenario: "Abyss")

Saturday, 2pm to 5pm (Scenario: "Reaver's Dance")

Sunday, 10am to 2pm (Scenario: "Jamboree")

The games will first-come/first-serve, so please sign up at your earliest convenience.

Craig Oxbrow

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For those of us who won't be at GenCon, would it possible to publish these, possibly as free online adventures?

(Failing that, can someone post an Actual Play report? :) )


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Hey Craig,

I wrote the adventures for MWP's use at Gen Con and would be happy to share them after the Con. They will likely go up on WAVES next week unless something comes up. (http://wavesintheblack.aimoo.com/)

One note, they were written for GMs who know the rules (ie, MWP's "game demo GM crew"), so there's no "roll x to do this" hard core mechanica notes. Its strong plot and action pacing information written with the assumption that the GMs can use his knowledge of the game and common sense to figure out what a player should roll. The goal of the adventures was to provide a fun and "Con-Fast" experience with Serenity.


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