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[General Anime] Non-Current Anime Discussion Thread


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Hi, and welcome to the General Non-Current Anime Discussion thread !

These past few years, most of Other Media's anime discussion has taken place in mega-threads that have been dominated by coverage of the latest episodes of whatever was currently airing. And that's fine in itself, but discourse about older shows tended to be quickly overwhelmed by the weekly grind. Hence why I'm tentively starting this new parallel thread, in order to give space for discussion of anything that's more than three months old.

Anyone is welcome !
I personally watch a lot of "back catalogue" anime and plan on posting in here as I go through them, but what I'd really love would be for many other people to take this thread and run with it. Don't be shy ! There's room for everyone's experiences here.

Please always clearly state which anime you are discussing.
This way, any forum-goer can immediately see whether they are interested in the anime you're discussing, and/or whether they want to skip it because they want to avoid spoilers for now.

Please be careful with spoilers.
Obviously, it's often hard to discuss a show without spoiling the heck out of its twists. But the BIG reveals should probably be spoiler-tagged (if possible with episode indicators). It's totally fine to outline the general premise and format of an anime outside of spoiler tags, so as to give anyone a reason to check out the cool thing you are telling us about.

Please remain civil.
This should go without saying on these boards, but we all know discussion of some anime can get a bit... heated. If you feel like a discussion is going in circles, it's probably best to move on and start talking about another show.

Useful Links
- The Spring 2018 & Summer 2018 (link TBA) Seasonal Anime Threads, for discussion of what's currently airing.
- The Manga, Light, and Visual Novel Discussion Thread, for discussion of related media that aren't anime.

(If you feel something should be added or changed to this opener, don't hesitate to point it out !)


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[2014] Encouragement of Climb S2 (Yama no Susume 2)

In preparation for the third season starting up very soon, I've just watched this. The first season suffered a lot from its format ; there's not a lot you can do with 13 3-minute-long episodes, especially when you're in the "cosy slice-of-life" genre (and thus fast-paced comedy isn't an option). The second season switched to 24 mid-length (13-minute-long) episodes, and is all the better for it.

This is a very mellow show about two former childhood friends reuniting over a hobby of mountain-trekking (despite the English title, there's very little actual climbing), together with their more experienced sempai from the same high-school, and a younger girl who's still in middle school. It goes at length into the details of the hobby, from equipment to security precautions, and of course there's a lot of scenery porn. The increased screentime also leaves a lot of room for some mild drama, as the show allows some rifts to erupt between its characters at appropriate points.

Spoiler: Show
I was pleasantly surprised that when they go to Mt Fuji... they fail. Only two of them get to the top, as our heroine gets sick from altitude shock, and sempai stays behind to support her. It's a bold narrative choice that preserves stakes for later (as the next few mountain-treks aren't dwarfed by a successful Mt Fuji climb), and provides hooks for further character development. They'll probably get back to Mt Fuji eventually, but that's a challenge for later seasons.

Also, the annoying foreign couple were pitch-perfect.

I was lukewarm after the first season, but now I'm quite looking forward to the continuation this Summer. Especially as it's still going to be 13-minute-long episodes, which is the right format for this material.

Oh, and there are three additional extras to this seasons. The BD specials (#6.5 & #25) are utterly skippable, unless you really need to watch an underwear-buying shopping trip, and a weird pseudo-clip-show with zany alternate versions to some memorable scenes. Neither of them really fit the tone of the main show. Much better is the 2017 "Omoide Present" OVA, which offers a fun little coda to the season.
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[1979] Space Battleship Yamato S2 : the Comet Empire (Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2)

So, you may have heard about Uchuu Senkan Yamato (aka Star Blazers), the classic Leiji Matsumoto space opera anime from the 1970s. A few years ago it got an incredibly faithful but surprisingly-improved remake, also known as Yamato 2199. It's a rousing tale of a last-ditch attempt from mankind to find a macguffin to save a dying Earth from the assaults of an overwhelming alien invasion ; the remake expanded a lot on the crew dynamics and characterization (including having more than one female crew member), but the original did have its charm.

Now that the remakers' take on the next step of the saga is starting to hit western streamers, I thought I'd watch the original "season two" first this time around. And boy, it hasn't aged well. I had vague recollections of this sequel being rather well-regarded by fandom, but 16 episodes in, I have no clue why. Maybe it picks up in the final 10 episodes, but I can't see how.

It gets off to a rough start nearly immediately, as a newly-recovered Earth faces a new threat for outer space : the titular Comet Empire.
Spoiler: Show
Even if it doesn't stretch your disbelief that Earth is already back to normal after barely two years, it's apparently enough for our "heroes" from the first season to decide that humanity has gone too soft already, and take matters in their own hand. They go rogue, outright steal the Yamato from storage (after refusing for it to get updated with the latest technology), and don't hesitate to fight off the legitimate military trying to prevent them from going on a wild-goose chase.

This isn't a narrative that has aged well, and the worst thing is that it's nearly entirely forgotten about after 5 episodes ; the brass begrudgingly acknowledge that there's something to their quest, and that's it. Heck, despite the whole characterization as "the return of the veteran crew", we later find out that there's somehow some rookies onboard.

It would help if the Comet Empire were interesting villains. At least so far, they're not. They're a bunch of generic overconfident alien invaders, with a token amount of backstabbing on the top ranks.
Spoiler: Show
Most puzzling is the return of Desler and his Gamilian remnants, now incorporated into the Comet ranks. Which is quite something, considering how we saw him die at the end of the previous season. It goes unexplained for many episodes, until we finally learn in #13 that the Comet Emperor had his corpse retrieved, and was impressed Desler had the fortitude to survive a resurrection process.

On balance, I kinda get what the writers are going for. It inserts some strife in the Comet Empire (the inner circle aren't pleased by the Emperor getting fond of the failure asshole), Desler gets to be smug about his new allies underestimating the Yamato, and so on. But it's taking ages to get anywhere.

Another issue are the character dynamics inside the Yamato crew.
Spoiler: Show
The crew politics in the original were never that developed (unlike in the 2199 remake), but it feels like we've taken a step back now. Since most of the veterans have hashed out their conflicts by now (aside from Navigator Shima acting like a petulant asshole now), most of the novelty comes from the Yamato rescuing Saito and his commandos from the 11th planet in episode #08. The point is that they're not used to long-term travel, and useless in situations that don't involve ground battles, i.e. most of them. Unfortunately, that means them acting like bumbling jerks that everyone else would rather drop out of an airlock. The ongoing harassment of Yuki, the Only Female Crewmember, is the cherry on the cake. Seriously, that she's professional enough not to advertise her relationship with the Acting Captain is no license to proclaim dibs on her.

I'm getting close to the point where the show is finally going to disclose what was up with the cryptic messages from planet Teresart's Teresa (sic) ; it looks rather underwhelming so far.
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A non current side question....so I saw this in my feed today.


It did get me wondering just how much of a thing the king game is in real life. I might have compared it to spin the bottle in the west, but thats an out of favour game from the past.


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So time to discuss some anime swag I've gotten/am getting.

I already mentioned in the other thread I got the Utena Ultra Edition, a gorgeous, stunning box with a really impressive artbook and... the rose ring, and even the black rose ring. Perfect props for a WIW that's a little over the top.

I also got the re-zero collector's edition, and of course, in comparison it was far less impressive. Besides Funimation's collector's editions never really wowing me, the art book was a measily 40 pages, most of it just character introduction stuff, and only a few pieces of preproduction art. And of course, nothing from the second half of the anime... and there's no collector's edition of the second half coming, either.

However, I'm getting these two books soon in the mail: The Essential Evangelion Chronicle series, the first one, Side A, covering episodes 1-13, and the second, Side B, covering 14-26 and End of Eva. It's more a guidebook than an artbook, and it does look quite nice. It's all in English, too. And while not an anime, I've got the Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive books coming, too... good stuff.

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Reminding me I've still got SBY 2199 on my list of things to get to. I keep staring down that & Mushishi...& Kobayashi's Dragon Maid & Konohana Kitan &...then getting sidetracked by current series. *shakes fist at life*


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Start with Mushishi, since you can easily just take it one episode at a time. It's not a series that rewards binge-watching.


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Yeah, Mushishi is a chill show for watching at a slow pace and also if you hear too much of the title and ending them back to back you might fall asleep.
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