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[General Anime][Winter 2015] Elect General Anime for Student Council President!

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I liked LotLH. Never really felt the whiplash. The levity some of the chatacters brought...primarily the relationship of the main two felt I dont know genuine somehow. I guess a deliberate way for them to bring some humanity to help them cope with the shitty events.

Was really bummed we never got the second half of the story. The books have been on my to read pile for a while now.
I guess the whiplash was more related to the fact that the serious moments were about as serious as the more serious moments from, say, Darker Than Black, but the lighter moments were on par with the Private Detective episodes from Darker Than Black, but they came much, much more frequently than the comedic moments in Darker Than Black, so we were bouncing back and forth between kids and their families getting murdered and Ferris beating the shit out of Ryner for disrespecting the Dongo much more frequently.

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Probably a great example of this is when Ryner and Ferris find the child Alpha Stigma whose parents get killed by some soldiers while protecting the kid. After Ferris and Ryner fight off the soldiers, and they're heading off in a stolen carriage, Ferris slips almost seamlessly into "Ryner is a horrific defiler of women, a predatory monster who you must never trust, etc." mode. Under the circumstances, she's clearly exaggerating (as she does most of the time), and it's not an unreasonable leap to say that she's doing this to cheer up the kid, but it's still rather abrupt.


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She does really make me want to try dango one day, just to see if it is that awesome.
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It's time for some piracy! The Bodacious Space Pirates movie has finally been subbed. The usual disclaimer applies: no actual piracy occurred during the making of this film. Although it seems to have gone completely unlicensed, sadly, so plenty of piracy will occur during the viewing of it.

The movie is pretty good, though I'd say it's a noticeable step down from the series in most respects. As far as tone, plot, and character focus go it's somewhere in between the ghost ship and cosplay pirate arcs (with a bit of the Heartcatch Precure movie thrown in for good measure). Lynn and Grunhilde have the most significant supporting roles, surprisingly. I'm not a huge fan of the shift in character designs, and it felt like the fanservice quotient was upped quite a bit from the series. Overall, though, it was nice to get another adventure out of Marika and her crew(s).


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