Genlock Discussion Thread: Mechs vs the Union


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Was Voltron leader red?
I honsetly asking. I haven;t seen any series
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The leader of the Voltron Force pilots the black lion rather than the red lion and wears...


Clearly Iida is in charge.


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Technical spoiler. It hasn’t shown up in the series yet, but I don’t think knowing it will detract anything.

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Valentina, the Ukrainian sniper, is genderfluid according to a review which has seen the first five episodes. The same goes for the person voicing them.


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I was willing to give this a shot because the few images I saw caught my attention, and due to Michael B. Jordan's involvement (he's also one of the series' producers, and a serious anime geek), but wasn't expecting much because of what a disappointment RWBY ended up being (particularly after Monty Oum's death). Two episodes in and so far it has wildly exceeded my expectations (for starters, it has lush, colorful, well-designed backgrounds, which was always one of RWBY's biggest letdowns), with my only complaint being the rather low frames per second of the animation (but, much like Netflix's The Dragon Prince, I can easily get over that if the rest of the content is good enough). Eagerly awaiting Episode 3!

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This very much not a B list cast that's in this show. It's basically a who's who for geek culture. And just to show off their cred, they have Kōichi Yamadera, the man who voiced Spike in Cowboy Bebop in here, as well.

And in terms of acting, I am really impressed. I honestly thought the A-listers would phone it in or sound "off", and so far, I've been proven wrong. Sure, I had a complaint about Jordan sounding stiff in episode 1, but he sounds much, much better in episode 2.

So, if this gets popular, I wonder how long it'll be until somebody wants to develop a Video Game of it?
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