genres/games you irrationally dont like ?

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Any RPG or setting where characters can disregard or steamroll normal human society around them for whatever reason.

... any RPG or setting without a recognizable human society, for that matter...
What about settings that lack a recogniseable human society because they don't have any humans in them? ;)


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No genre leaps to mind, but game-wise: 7th Sea. This is entirely due to the terrible gamemaster who introduced me to it in a terrifically railroaded campaign that changed my character in ways I did not like. (As in: I wanted to play a swordsman, sort of a rapier-wielding Bertie Wooster/D'artagnan. Halfway through the second session, my swordsman is granted Porte powers. DO NOT WANT, dammit!)


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Huh. I walked into this thread thinking I like most everything. And then other people's posts reminded me that I don't.

I don't like anthromorphic animals. Don't know why. I have no compulsion to play a talking rabbit or "get in touch" with my inner wolf. A shapeshifting druid doesn't particularly trigger this, though.

I also don't really like "anime" games, but that's a less strong reaction. If it's sold as something other than "it's awesome because it's anime!!!1" I might be convinced. But anime for anime's sake does nothing for me except irritate.

"Kitchen sink" games usually strike me as an unenjoyable kind of silly. Maybe my default stance is taking things too seriously or something. I dunno. Maybe a good GM could make one of these fun for me.


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Anything I consider to be to "over the top". That includes most supers games, most WoD settings, Exalted, Fireborn, etc.

And, as I get older and have less time, anything with too much crunch. GURPS, Hero and the like have too much crunch for my taste.



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Games where the PCs are members of a modern military unit or mercenary squad. I would extend that through science fiction as well, except for mecha games which have a place in my heart. Historical games vary. I'm happy with napoleonic era naval games, but a bunch of middle ages foot soldiers would be a no go.

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Sci Fi isn't exactly my thing. Things like the Jedi or the Psions of Trinity make it better, but only by a rather small margin. I guess I'm just blind to the awesome of the genre.

I tend not to be passionate in my dislike of some games, but I think I really hate Mage: the Ascension quite a bit.


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ooooooohhhhh. My mistake. My previous post was my "rationally don't like" choices because they clashed with my preferred playstyle.

You want irrationality? I've got your irrationality right here...

The only books I've ever owned that were published by White Wolf were written by Michael Moorcock, and (obviously) aren't RPGs, and I really felt bad about buying those because of the White Wolf logo. I have a 12" hate-on for White Wolf. In my later high school years, and then when I left home to go to school, there was a disturbance in the force... all the Tolkien guys seemed to disappear, and were replaced by Anne Rice fans. And I couldn't find anyone to play D&D with anymore. They all wanted to play Vampire. FUCK VAMPIRE. Fuckin' hell. I paged through the book, and it was all Lost Boys and no Dracula. And if I'm going to play Lost Boys, I want to be like Corey Feldman, not Kiefer friggin Sutherland... I grew up in the goddamn projects and fantasy and D&D were a way to separate myself from all the crap that goes with that, and this game is about taking vampires to the streets? ggaahhh!!!!! And that Dracula movie that Coppola did around this time? "oohh, it's so cool and rooommmaannnttiiiiccc." Yeah, girl being hypnotised by a damn soulless, dead abomination is SOOOO romantic.

Vampires are good for only two things: Taking pointy wooden things in the heart, and getting their head cut off afterwards.

And then a girl I really liked decided to date one of their contributors... HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE.


The other mad hate-fest? Magic. The card game. You see, not *everyone* that I knew stopped playing D&D to play Vampire. No. You see, some of them decided to get addicted to the Magic crack. Being broke at the time, and having the basics explained to me, I thought the entire idea was ridiculous. And I didn't understand the cross-over appeal at all. I still don't. At least D&Ders moving on to Vampire was still in the same hobby. But RPGers switching to card games? eh? eh?

Now D&D itself lost me with all those brown-cover "Complete" books (I never even got to the Skills and Powers days) so after that I wasn't even trying to find players, and it didn't occur to me, not even once, that I didn't have to play the game with EVERYTHING. It didn't occur to me that I could just play the old edition that I liked better. So I just got really pissed off at gaming.

Then I found out Wizards of the Coast, the dadgummed slimy bastards behind the Magic ridiculousness, BOUGHT TSR. ARRGHHH. Seriously. AARRRGHHH. It was like a shot in the gut, even if I wasn't onboard the TSR bandwagon anymore. It was like the bad guys won. It wasn't just me in my area having problems because of these games, it was everywhere! Shit! Shit! Shit!

I decided that no gaming was better than bad gaming, so I dropped out. I did get the 3.0 core rules "just in case," but then I saw what they'd done to THE GAME. AARRGHHHH the BASTARDS. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE.

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