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Get comics and gaming material in one package from NUELOW!

Steve Miller

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The latest comic/gaming hybrid book from NUELOW Games is sure to spark a new Birther-style controversy, as it brings to light the truth of a prominent U.S. politician -- Secretary of State John Kerry.

John Kerry vs. The Queen of Evil tells the true story of how John Kerry came to be John Kerry, and in the process it reveals that he's been "reporting for duty" a lot longer than you might have guessed -- about 3,000 years longer! This book is bound to launch all kinds of investigations by Infowars, as it reveals the secret origin of John Kerry and his eternal foe, Nagana, in comic book format, and lets you re-enact their latest clashl using the provided pre-generated characters and battle scenarios for ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game. As a special treat, the book also includes a Black Cat story ("Cleopatra of the Casbah") from the team of Jill Elgin and Joe Kubert, the main artists on Film Fun Comics Vol. 2: The Black Cat vs. HIM!.

Be the first of your friends to learn the truth about John Kerry, but act quickly before it's covered up again! (The last publisher to bring this information to light, Fox Features Syndicate, was forced into bankruptcy a few years later... and this vital information was almost lost forever! Click here to see previews and to get your own copy of John Kerry vs. The Queen of Evil.

You can also click here to check out NUELOW Games's entire line-up of hybrid comics/gaming books at DriveThru Comics.
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