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So, we played a scenario where we opened a door and could not move into the room without a Jump or Fly, as three hexes had obstacles. We went away and the rules seem to say that the occupants won't come out because monsters can't move through obstacles. Is this correct?


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A monster with no path to a hex where it can attack a PC won't act. But you need to draw the card to see if it's a range attack or a Jump/Fly.

Though it's a little weird that there'd be a scenario like that- was there some text effect in the scenario that'd remove the obstacles? Are you sure it wasn't one of the other color borders for difficult/damaging terrain or something? Usually I see that happen when there's an invisible PC blocking a door, since the PC acts as an obstacle but the monsters can't target it.


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Also, effects that place obstacles (I'm looking at you, Cragheart) can't do so if it would completely block a path. It seems likely at least one hex was difficult terrain or a trap.
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