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GM - Austin, TX - Cthulhu, Ars Magica - Seeking Players


Petty Little Dictator
Game/System: Call of Cthulhu (d20 or BRP, depending on player preference) and/or Ars Magica, along with house rules that meet player approval. (Fair warning: I love to tinker with rules.)

Play Location: Austin, TX (I live in SW Austin, but I'm willing to travel! :))

Time/Frequency: 2-3 times a month.

Genre: My favorites are mythic historical fantasy and phantasmagoria ("weird tales").

Current needs: I'm looking to put a group of 4 to 6 like-minded weirdos together (ages mid-twenties and over is preferrable; I'm 32).

Accept Drop-In Players? Yes, with at least 2 days notice and as long as the group does not mind.

Accept Spectators? As long as the group does not mind.

Short description of the setting/campaign:

I like the players to contribute to setting choice and world-building, incorporating PC backgrounds directly into the story. My favorite aspect of Call of Cthulhu is the Dreamlands; with Ars Magica, it's The Mysteries (which I helped write). I typically prepare 1/3rd of material before hand, and improvise the rest of the way, occasionally fast & lose with rules.

What do you say? Let's play! If you want to contact me directly, here's my email.

Harlequin Jones

Hey, Fute!

I don't know if I can commit to another ongoing campaign (I've got two already), but I'd love to play a game once in awhile. I'll even play a villain if you want me to. *smirk*

(Dibs on Azathoth!)


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I'm also in SW Austin. I would be very interested in CoC if my schedule permits (currently I'm in two games already). I'm unfamiliar with Ars Magica, so I'm not too sure about that one - though I'll give any system a try once.

FWIW - Early 30's with about 20 years of gaming experience.

Robert K Beckett

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Hey there Fute and HJ

Wow I didn't know you wrote any published gaming material, Adam. I'm impressed. So impressed that I just now ordered The Mysteries from Amazon.com.

I am interested in re-entering gaming after a long hiatus. esply interested in playing AM; I have been giving it a long hard look (I have the 4th ed Rulebook and The Wizard's Grimoire, but I haven't played it since I haven't played anything in a while).

Anyhoo I've never played CoC either, but having played 3rd ed RQ and being a HPL fan, I'm down with the basic concepts.

So I'd prefer AM but I will suffer through ;) CoC if that's the only Fute-run game in town.

PS I'm live in NE Austin now but my "people" are from (what is now) SW Austin - ever hear of Beckett Road or Brodie Lane? So I'm cool with making the drive. Oh and for the record I'm 35, a Libra, and drug and disease free.


Rod Anderson

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Hey Fute,

I might be interested in a twice-a-month AM game -- any more details on the timeframe? And how long the sessions would run? What with me commuting from San Antonio and all. :eek:


P.S. Satisfied, Rob? :p


Petty Little Dictator
How come everyone's in two games but me?

I've now got you all on my List of People to Annoy About Gaming. I'll work out more details very soon.


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Hey fute - moving to Austin in a month, but I have already promised Fade that I'd run a game of In Nomine and I think I'm probably going to end up running an Aberrant/Adventure game... plus, Call of Cthulhu hits too close to home for me.

-- Funksaw


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CoC & AM

both are rpgs that i have the books for but have not played yet. But now i am trying to work two jobs so i am not sure when i will have any rpg time. Funky, I have your In Nomine book it came in the mail today. I will keep her safe til ya get here.

Pope Jimbob III

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I'd love to hold up my hand here, but I fall a bit short of the preferred age range--twenty-two here.

Have/love Cthulhu, though I've yet to play, and have/haven't yet read Ars Magica (though I can't imagine being turned off by it).

Think I'll put up my own lookin-fer-game post tomorrow when I'm not too sleepy to be coherent.
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