GM- Duluth, MN- GURPS, HM1e, Traveller- seek players


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Currently running a GURPS Noir game at the local FLGS Robin Goodfellow's on Mon nights with two regular players. It'd be nice to welcome up to four more...

I prefer players that will go looking for the story instead of waiting for it to just happen to them and I use an improvisational approach to GMing that lends itself to that style of play. If you're wanting to break out of the 'traditional' GM/player relationship I encourage you to stop by and eavesdrop or play a pregen for an evening. Er... I also have to have adult players-- I cuss lots and tend to cover more adult themes in my games and ain't comfortable being the guy to explain felching to some 12y/o.

My background with the hobby stretches back to 1979 and the purchase of Basic D&D-- I've been GMing or playing RPGs ever since. I like to run shorter campaigns so I can change genres occasionally, or campaigns in rotation, as it helps me avoid burnout.

I have campaigns in place for Harn, Traveller, and various GURPS driven settings. If you're interested please PM or email your queries.

Regards-- Sam
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