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I'm looking for players in a campaign I'm running in White Wolf's Trinity. I'm calling it calling Trinity: Genesis. The concept is this: what if *you* were the proxies?

The players I'm looking for will be experienced Trinity players. Ideally players from the Aeon era, though that isn't strictly necessary. If you've also played Aberrant, I'm hoping for people who can put the information therein aside and except the cannon Trinity-era view of Aberrants. Ideally I'd like people who have played either several Trinity campaigns, or one that has spanned most of the metaplot; people who have read through at least one order book; and people who have read through the "story so far" section in the softcover main book and know about the Proxies and the Doyen.

At the moment, I have three players, and I'd like to find four or five more. There's more information about the campaign online, at If you're interested or for more information, please send me an email at
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