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GM how to question, Star Wars rpg with Matrix style campaign start.


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Heya fellow GM's
I am starting a FFG FnD campaign. I want the players to start off in a false reality, and 'Wake' into the real campaign unsure of who they are.
The setting is they were captured and placed on a prison ship and placed in stasis , it was designed for Force sensitive characters to keep alive for <insert nefarious plot here>.
The ship is crashing and this is the wake event years after their capture.. where the pcs will find out that the first session was false.

I want the players to not fully know who they are upon awaking.

My thoughts, Have each player make 3-4 backgrounds, I will hand each one a starting background....
When the Wake happens I will tell them to dismiss the first background as something implanted... and they must figure out their true background. to do this i will be selecting one of the remaining ones as the true one and discarding the others not used.

The premise is they will be hunted by many for what reason they know not, untill they reveal the clues along the way.. and eventually thwart or join the opposition.

any ideas? , has any one attempted something like this...

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I don't have any suggestions, but MAN is that a good setup for an RPG. I love love love existentially driven narratives, and I miiiight be borrowing this one in the future.


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Personally, I would not try to create the character for them, even picking a background for them feels like GM overstepping.

Instead perhaps incorporate character creation with session one when the PCs wake up. Have them choose their background only later when they start "remember". I'd start off by doing character creation, but all they're allowed to know about their character is their race and buy attributes with their starting XP. Everything else can be discovered through play and perhaps gaining XP throughout the game is them remembering more of their past. Like don't even have them choose career until session two when their characters wake up and start to figure out their abilities. Even further XP gaining and spending can be them remembering more about their past.
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