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Game/System: Mage: The Ascension Live Action, using Laws of Ascension. Traditions-based; Technocracy/Marauder/Nephandi concepts will require an EXTREMELY solid justification.

Player or GM? Sole GM, although I am very open to players assuming the role of GM to run story arcs, or even becoming a multi-GM game.

Play Location/Method: HICF100E, University of California, Irvine main campus, Irvine, CA

Time/Frequency: Twice weekly: Mondays and Thursdays, 7:00 - 10:00 pm. During the summer, may be Sundays and Thursdays. Don't let the schedule impose you - since most of our sessions are self-contained (PC's meet, do stuff, then leave) it's okay if you can only make half the sessions, or even just once a month!

Genre: Modern Day, fairly standard Mage background, without delving too far into Tradition politics. Currently, the game takes place IC at the UCI campus as well, but once the characters (and players) are confident enough to move onto bigger things, that'll change.

Current needs: More players of various traditions - specifically, we're all out of the Akashic Brotherhood, Dreamspeakers, Cult of Ecstasy, Verbena, and Order of Hermes. The last game I was in was almost a technocracy game, populated primarily by Sons of Ether and Virtual Adepts, so avoiding that is a plus.
Also, player-driven plots and co-GMs would be a great addition.

Accept Drop-In Players? Yes

Accept Spectators? Yes

Short description of the setting/campaign:
PCs are younger Mages, still finishing up their mundane lives before they turn their full attention to enhancing their magic. They've been contacted by a crippled Euthanatos asking for their assistance on an elaborate plan, and along the way, they're getting into encounters with law enforcement, Technocrats, and a powerful sleeper who refuses to awaken. Gradually easing both the players into the World of Darkness, Mage, and LARPing in general, and easing the characters into the realization that they're a part of a larger, magical world - a world which is at war.
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