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GM - Lexington, Ky. - Deadlands: Hell on Earth - Seeking 1-3 more players


Setec Astronomer
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Game System : Deadlands: Hell on Earth

Player or GM? I'm the Marshal.

Play Location/Method: Lexington, Kentucky

Time/Frequency: Thursday nights (may change soon), 7:30 pm to 11 or midnight. About once a month, the game is replaced by whatever AEG game I'm demoing that weekend.

Genre: Post-holocaust horror Western.

Current needs: Looking for more players. Three at the most.

Accept Drop-In Players? You betcha.

Accept Spectators? Yes, conditionally.

Short description of the setting/campaign: PCs are roving survivors. The current PCs are all crusaders of one kind or another, and definitely on the side of the angels.
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