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[Godbound] The Realm of Sklithra


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I created a new Godbound Realm, a sort of companion to Arcem. Any feedback or comments are most welcome.

It exists within the same cosmology, but is a different part of the vast mortal world which shattered into many realms during the Last War.

Sklithra (after the Greek for "splinter") is home to eleven nations. I'd say in general, they skew towards being Iron Age-style empires, where Arcem tends towards a more Renaissance or Early Modern bent.

To very briefly summarise, though there's another summary in the first couple pages of the document itself:

The Shogunate of Asagao - Sengoku-era Japan, but the Shogun has struck a pact with Uncreated Night, and his legions of oni and darkness-warped samurai threaten to overwhelm the rebel lords

Brynaich - on the floating islands of the ancient insect-people, bug-winged warriors have created a culture very much in the Anglo-Saxon vein, sleeping in their mead-halls and fighting in constant strife against rival islands

Ikhlas - when the Undying Sultan (see below) took control of Ma'arat, these "Hashashin"-inspired religious rebels fled to their mountain fastnesses, and founded an order of exorcist-assassins to oppose the undead menace. These exorcist-assassins might even have a Creed of some kind, who can say?

Iluilik - land of the Inuit-expies, and the mighty elemental benders who emerged in recent decades to fight off a xenomorph invasion

Jadu Sihir - the city-state of the decadent, drug-fuelled albino magi. No historical precedent, since AFAIK Melnibone is not a real place

Ma'arat - the Undying Sultan, an honourable warrior, allied with the ascetic necro-dervishes to continue his crusade against the techno-heretics long beyond a mortal span. Everything looks creepy and skeletal, and there are some social issues, but in fact this empire and its undead legions are no more morally despicable than any other nation, and better than some.

Namra-shum - the Seven Cities of the Techno-Babylonians

The Solidarity - the socialist republic of rebel clay golems

The Tariuq Pact - rogue hunters from Iluilik who have abandoned their traditions to become libertarian whalers and sea-monster-hunters, growing rich on strange oils and blubbers

Vatana - imagine Eberron's dragonmarked Houses, with a definite hint of the Dragon-Blooded from Exalted, but filtered through an Indian mythological lens. Oh, and in place of the Five Elemental Dragons you have Five Catastrophic Kaiju who occasionally wake up and fuck shit up, including the social order.

Xanthian Hegemony - Ancient Greece at the height of Athens' power, if Athens were actually the lottery-ruled Babylon depicted in The Lottery in Babylon by J.L. Borges.
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Wow! This is very unique! I'd really enjoy playing a game of Godbound in this realm!


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Very cool stuff. And I could see some Godbound eventually opening Night Roads from one realm to the other. Or worse, some of the totally not Melnibonean magi doing so.
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