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OOC [Golden Sky Stories] Fuchsia Town


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Recruitment thread here.

So we have wormmonda wormmonda , Medley Medley , and G Getsuya .

Please post your characters and introductions when you're ready. And can someone start a Wiki, please, so we can keep track of characters, stats and anything else we may need to keep track of?


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Mina the Witch

Henge 4
Animal 1
Adult 2
Child 1

Additional Powers/Weaknesses:
Magic Items (8)/Doohickeys
True Magic (Special)/Failure
Mysterious Moves (2)/Mysterious Person


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Teru the Rabbit

Henge: 2
Animal: 2
Adult: 1
Child: 3

Cute (0)
Mochi-Pounding (1+)
Lop-Eared (3)
Help Me (6)
I Dunno (8)
Moonlight (20)

Weakness/Additional Power
Loneliness/Friendship (0)
Impatient/Dash (8)
Meddling/Remember (6)

Have you heard about the ghost girl of the Fuchsia Grand Hotel?
Back in the town's heyday, when tourists were pouring in, it was quite a popular place to stay. And among those who stayed there, many strange tales were shared. Sometimes a lost child would be guided back to their parents by a nice girl. Sometimes an arguing couple would have their fighting interrupted by rapid knocks on their door, only for the hallway to be empty. Sometimes a friendly, curious young girl would sit down with travelers at breakfast and ask them questions about where they came from and where they were going. Sometimes during parties an unknown little girl would be seen enjoying herself among the guests. And sometimes, some guests caught just a glimpse of a little cotton tail retreating around a bend in the hall.

But when the tourism dried up and the hotel was forced to close its doors, the 'ghost' had no one to talk to and no more parties to attend. Though the abandoned hotel was still her home and where her heart lay, she began to strike out into the town, looking for new friends and new stories. Always curious, always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, always rushing, bouncing, energetic, the little rabbit wants to bring back the fun days she remembers from before.


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Nice work so far.

All, now please introduce your character in the voice of your character. Then I think we can begin with Connections?


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Should I edit the first-person intro into my post above or post it as a separate response?


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Purin (Pudding) the Tanuki, the PRINCE of DARKNESS. Also Puu.

As a tanuki, Puu just about average, with a brown coat with darker and lighter bands running along the back and the face. The one distinctive thing is that the dark ring around his right eye is distinctively flared, so that it looks like there are little dark streaks emanating outwards from the eye. In his human form, he's a boy that looks about ten with short black hair, a medical eyepatch over his left eye, a fancy monocle over his right eye, and a demon prince's cloak (so he says, but it looks like a red tablecloth or something) worn over a t-shirt and shorts. He also holds the stem of his tanuki leaf between his teeth instead of putting the leaf on his head because he's cool like that, except when he doesn't.

Henge - 3
Animal - 1
Adult - 2
Child - 2

Money (2)
Bogey (8)
Become Anything (8/16)
Copy (10)
Tanuki Drumming (12)
Dream Vision (16)

Weaknesses/Additional Powers:
Cowering/Swell (8)
Gullible/Carelessness (6)
Carried Away/Tanuki Dance (12)

When Puu the tanuki first realized he was a henge, he was quite chuffed. Now that he had a human form, and many others, he of course had to go to observe the humans and figure out how they acted. And since it was mostly the small humans that came around to the forest, those were the humans Puu observed most, and after a while he came to a singular conclusion: the humans were beings possessed with awesome powers. Many times did he hear these small humans proclaim their peerless mastery over spell and blade as they did battle, sometimes against each other, sometimes against unseen evil forces. A select few among them even revealed their possession by demons from another realm or descent from ancient magical royalty from one place or another, or other such things as that. At first he was a little frightened by these acts, after a while he couldn't help but be drawn in to their unbelievable acts, and occasionally even came across some of the tomes that they left behind that related many tales of such powers. While he couldn't really see these epic battles occurring and everyone was pretty alright coming out of them, in fact seemingly having a lot of fun, as a thinking tanuki's tanuki Puu understood that this was because his henge powers were still too meager to comprehend the reality-rending forces that were surely being unleashed before him.

Puu did find it odd that as the small humans became less small, they started showing up at the forest less and less, and even when they did they seemed to not have the same mastery over their powers as they once had. And when he observed the big humans, they mostly didn't seem to have any powers at all! That was very strange. But then, one summer evening, as he chanced by a rather exciting human gathering near the river, he witnessed the greatest display of powers he had seen yet: brilliant explosions rippling through the night sky in every possible color, with heaven and earth shaking from the sound, and the momentary light revealing the happiness on the faces of the onlookers. He felt his heart shake with each burst of light and was enamored, and he figured that the reasons why the bigger humans didn't seem to display any powers was because they were storing their magic up for this. He soon learned that the humans demonstrated this magic several times a year, and he went to watch as many times as he could, enjoying the sight of the dazzling magic as well as the liveliness of the human gatherings.

However, as time went by, the gatherings became less lively and happened less often, and so the displays of magic became less grand over time. That probably stood to reason, since there were fewer humans around to contribute their power, but that didn't make it less disappointing. Puu knew he had to act, and so adopted an identity so he could more closely fit in with human society. He has since taken on the moniker of the DAI AKUMA, YAMI NO OU, THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS (it must be said like that, for the effect). That's a mouthful, so others tend to call him just Purin for short, or his usual name of Puu. But regardless of what he is called, Purin/Puu now places his henge powers in the service of restoring the magic of Fuchsia Town to its former glory.


"My Sinister Eye is trembling," says Puu, the Prince of Darkness, with gusto. He holds an anguished hand to his eye-patched left eye. Still confident, he continues, "It is resonating with the charged leylines. The Legions of the demoniac Raatu imprisoned within the Eye can sense the magic saturating the area."

He throws his head back dramatically, but you can see the beginnings of a blush on his face. "But I must hold them back! This is, um, my curse..." Losing steam. He's definitely blushing now, and his voice is quieter and quivering. "...as one of the greater demon lords...the burden that I must bear alone..." But he ends strong. "As the PRINCE of DARKNESS," Purin finally proclaims, tossing his cloak back with a flourish of his arms. "Wahahaha~!"

He looks around to the others, a twinkle in his monocled right eye. "So, how about it? That was cool, right? I think I can definitely blend in like this." He sways around with a bit of nervous excitement. "Oh man, I hope I can keep it up. It would be way too embarrassing if the humans found out I was faking it..."


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I hope I didn't break the game? I wanted to check in before the weekend. I felt an in-character introduction for those that haven't made one yet could help with the kind of connections you want, but if you're ready to start those without an in-character introduction or are stuck coming up with an in-character introduction I'm fine with moving forward if you all are.


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Well, Connections wise, and assuming it's just the three of us, I was thinking I would use these Connections.

Fuchsia Town - Protect (2)
Mina - Admiration (2), since she's one of those humans with incredible powers.
Teru - Respect (2), for being an old hand at saving the town.
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