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OOC [Golden Sky Stories] Fuchsia Town


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IC post up! Would you like me to format and post your characters to the Wiki?

Rules questions:


The player makes one, and the NPC makes one too? Am I correct in that I would need to keep track of the NPC's connection?


On pg. 67, are the types of connections based on attribute written on the PC side?

Also, in looking at the empty character record maybe I've answered one of my own questions. Is the left column under Connections for the henge's connections to other people? And the right side for the town's and NPCs' connections to the henge?


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Slightly late addition and edits to the IC post in case you've already read the reply.


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Made a quick edit to make it all consistent. I've also put Purin up on the wiki.


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Would you all mind if I tried recruiting another player to replace wormmonda? I still would like to keep the game moving, though, so please continue to make your posts whenever you can. The new player can enter mid-play.


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Hi All,
I heard you were interested in another player, and would like to put my hand up! I've never played Golden Sky Stories before, but I've read the book and have my own copy. I've got a potential character below, let me know what you think!

NAME: Shinji

Henge 2
Animal 2
Adult 3
Child 1

Kitty (0)
Fuzzy (4)
Peek into Hearts (6)
Stealthy Feet (8)
Cat Paths (10)
Friends (14)
Can’t Swim / Acrobatics (4)
Selfish / From the Shadows (6)

Shinji is a fairly pampered Russian Blue who has spent all his eight years living with a nice family in town. They call him their pet, feed him, and give him presents all the time. He only disagrees with one of these things.
In human form, he appears as a teenager of about fourteen years of age, and a perpetually sullen teen at that. Other than his generally grumpy demeanor, he looks pretty average: black hair, brown eyes, etc. He always wears a battered old blue hoodie in human form, most often with the hood up.
He tries to mind his manners with other Henge and with Humans, but he is more than a bit of a pessimist and likes spending time on his own, brooding (or napping). He might not let on, though, but he does like making sure that others are happy. Whether this is because he’s nicer than he looks, or because he actually likes being the unhappiest person in the room, nobody really knows.


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Teru feels Protection towards Shinji! He must look grumpy because he doesn't have enough friends yet! Don't worry! Teru will get him ALL THE FRIENDS!


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Thanks Hammel :)

I think I'll go with Protection for Purin and Admiration for Teru. Shinji is convinced that Puu is going to have his fantasies dispelled sooner rather than later, and tries to keep him grounded to save him the heartbreak. He may outwardly groan when Teru promises him all the friends, but also admires her ability to see the best in people.
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