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🎨 Creative good aligned Mad Doctor ? Pathfinder


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Is the mad doctor archetype compatible with a good alignment?

I'm trying this out in a game. The general concept for this character is 1/2 Mercy (overwatch)1/2 the medic (TF2) with a hint of Franken Fran.
The obvious choice is an alchemist, but an oracle with the life mystery seems possible too.
My character's big flaw is she sees all power sources as neutral and only what you do with it counts. which seems nice, until you realize it includes diabolic bargains and sewing monster parts to her friends. Growing up in Cheliax (country devoted to Asmodeus) will do that to you.


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The archetypal mad scientist isn't evil, they're obsessed. Usually they have some publically-minded goal, but don't let danger or ethical constraints stand in their way. Victor Frankenstein wanted to raise the dead. Dr. Jekyll wanted to cure mental illness.

Pick a goal. Go nuts with it. A "good" mad scientist would be ethical enough not to put other people in danger, so your PC might use themselves as a guinea pig. They would be willing to sell their own soil to Pazuzu for the knowledge needed to complete the Great Work, but wouldn't engage in human sacrifice. And so on--the key is recklessness.


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Yes, yes, yes!
My friend's campaign is about people across multiple worlds getting an invitation to a dungeon with a wish at the end.
If my PC wants to turn Cheliax into a liberal democracy with respect for the rights and dignity of all sapient beings like Andoran but even better she's gonna do it!
It's not like it would be hard . It's just massive sweeping social change that's the opposite of hundreds of years of culture.
Now that transmuted troll liver transplant and sub-dermal mithril armor inserts for that caydenite last week, that was hard!
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