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Good Game controller for for use with windows/steam?


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Both the XBox One and PS4 controller are, at this point, extremely well supported and functional for the vast majority of games.


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I picked up an Xbox pro controller a little while back and it has been great. I used to use a PS4 controller and it worked so long as I had a special program running. Can’t recall the name of it now though.


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The X-box controllers are plug and play, supported by windows and steam.
This. I have a very solid wired XBox controller, and it has given good service for a couple of years so far. Not too expensive and immediately compatible, and matches up with most on-screen prompts.


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I think the PS4 pad now has official Steam support.

Beta support is in the works for the Nintendo Switch pad.

The 360 and XBO pads are plug and play and I love them, but frankly that's personal preference. I will say at this point I'd rather use the XBO pad as the 360's pad has a very bleh dpad, and that's important for some games. BUT, its probably easier to get one cheap now.


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The Switch Pro Controller support is pretty good so far. I haven't fooled with the motion controls at all though; just used it as an Xbox controller to play some Swords of Ditto. Steam will let you decide whether you want to use the Xbox or Nintendo button layout with it. I have yet to determine which setting is less confusing.

I'm actually a big fan of the Steam Controller. For anything where analog aiming is important it's great. The touchpad + haptic feedback = trackball paradigm works really well. As does the gyro-aiming-but-only-when-your-thumb-touches-the-pad setup, as it automatically recalibrates itself as you play. And I've gotten good use out of the rear paddles in games like Ori and the Blind Forest and Hollow Knight.


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I'll also vouch for the XBox 360 wired controller, it's excellent. It's well-designed, requires no setup or futzing around with, and every game you have is 99.999999% likely to have built its controller support specifically with it in mind. I imagine the more recent XBox controllers are also good, so any of them should do the trick.

I've only used a Steam Controller a few times, but it was relatively easy to use. If you get a chance to test-drive one and it clicks with you, it's a reasonable pick.


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I used to use a PS4 controller and it worked so long as I had a special program running. Can’t recall the name of it now though.
DS4Windows? I tried that for a while, but it never quite seemed to work the way I wanted it to. Finally went back to a PS3 controller with the ScpToolkit drivers. I miss the remapping abilities BetterDS3Tool provided, but it seems to work well enough, and there's just nothing else that's quite as comfortable for me.

Really, almost all the major controllers have pretty good pc support these days, so the best place to start is what feels right in your hands.

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