Good (or at least Interesting) Domain Management games/systems?


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Harn Manor always comes up in these threads. It is a great resource but limited to a manor house and its associated village.

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Oh, and any discussion of domain management has to include Pendragon. 5.1 for my preference, but it's all wonderfully flavorful stuff with just enough crunch to keep you engaged. Fire your stward because he hasn't made any progress on building the curtain wall for the past 3 years!
Oh yeah, Pendragon is a great example of domain management being integral to the game, and not necessarily just as an elusive reward at high-level play.

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The ones in the Savage Worlds Broken Earth post-apocalyptic game proved reasonably decent in practice. There was some problems with it not being clear growing your settlement physically (i.e. having more than one hex) was actually beneficial, but the rest of it seemed to work well.


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I've always had a soft spot for Birthright. It was a DnD 2.5 setting that cast the PCs as rulers. You could rule a country, a thieves guild, a wizard's/druid's magical area and I think a military basically. I'm not really doing it justice but it was fun and even had a fairly simple mass combat mechanic.

Birthright Fan Wiki with 3.5 conversion


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Another vote for Birthright. I think it's the only domain system to tried to address the fact that domains are intermingled together. So many systems are like: this is your turf, and you control everything here, and then next to your turf is another person turf, and they control everything.

In Birthright it may be your turf, but certain parts may be controlled by other people, and that is one of the reasons it makes it so interesting.

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Pendragon has a great system for a manor in the Pendragon setting. GURPS Social Engineering has terrific rules for settlement development in general.
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