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Good RPG stores in Madison WI?


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I'm heading to Madison later this week for a conference, and was wondering if there were any decent RPG shops there worth checking out.
So any recommendations? :)
The conference is near the university, and I won't have a car, so I will be limited to stores within walking distance of the downtown (unless there is an easy bus to take).
I've been to Madison 3 times before, and so have a decent grasp of the layout of the downtown (the area around the university and state capitol).

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Is there still a Pegasus Games on State Street? It's still worth a bus trip out on Odana if not.
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Is that anywhere near Janesville, WI ? Noble Knight Games has a store front in Janesville.


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Hi Akrasia,
As a lifelong Madisonian, I can tell that there are several great game stores in the city. Unfortunately, the only one that's really in the University area is Neverworld games, which is on West Mifflin Street.

The two stores that I frequent, which are both worth the trip are Pegasus Games on Odana Road and I'm Bored, which is on University Avenue. A google search will get you all the info about how to get to them.

There are bus lines that go to both stores, so it might be possible to get there. Madison Metro has a trip planner that can tell you the routes and schedules to get where you need to go.

Of the two shops, Pegasus specializes more in RPGs, while I'm Bored is mostly a board game store. Both stores have the other kind of product, of course.

I really enjoy gaming at both places, so I don't have a strong recommendation.

Neverworld is a small store, but has nice folks who run it, so if that's all you can get to, it will give you a small fix.

If you're in town on Wednesday, there is a group called Madison Board Gamers that meets on campus from 5 to 11, and they will have plenty of games you can jump into.

Hope that helps ... let me know if you need any other ideas.


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Janesville is about 35 minutes south of Madison. Aaron's got a great location now, and I think it would definitely be worth checking out if one has the time!


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Another Madisonian here. Make the trip to Pegasus if you get the chance. Great store, great staff.



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Adding to the Pegasus recommendation. I used to live on the West Side and it was my go-to game store. Netherworld is also a friendly place if you don't want to take the hour-long bus ride to Pegasus.


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One more for the Pegasus recommendations. It's by far my favorite place to shop for tabletop gaming.


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I haven't lived in Madison for a few years now, but there are a LOT of game stores there. Not yet mentioned is Misty Mountain Games on the east side (off of Pflaum, if I remember correctly); they're pretty good. As mentioned, Netherworld is downtown on Mifflin Street, right by the Overture Center, but I haven't been there (why couldn't it have been there when I lived on Mifflin?!). But my favorite was definitely Pegasus Games, so I'll join the chorus of praise for it.

EDIT: Pegasus is easy to reach by bus, although I don't know which route its on (they keep changing the numbers!). I don't know about Misty Mountain, but I'd guess it's reachable, albeit with a longer bus ride.
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