Goodman Games news from GaryCon: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

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To be true to the books, the last seventh of the boxed set needs to detail an island that doesn't merit that much attention, along with multiple sidebars about the "Mouser's" sexual proclivities.

(I joke because I love, but wow, the series really falls off after the fourth collection, and dramatically after the fifth.)


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I feel like there was news in the last Spellburn podcast's "What's new with Goodman games" roughly the September episode where they said they'd be doing a new Dying Earth project after Lankhmar, which was Kickstartered successfully and they're working on printer proofs according to a two weeks ago update, though I could be mistaken.

Typically Spellburn release the "What's new with Goodman" games episodes a week or two after the actual panel. Since the panel was on Friday March 8th, we'll probably have it later this week. Probably definitely before the end of the month. And according to the most recent Lankhmar Kickstarter update there is news about a new Appendix N project in the Garycon panel.


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So, has the new appendix N source been revealed?
I relistened to the September Gencon Spellburn and Joseph Goodman does indeed talk about Dying Earth for DCC and more news would be forthcoming at the next Garycon which just happened over the last few days.

So I wonder if the news is about that or if another license has been acquired?


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Huh. Now that is unexpected. I was hoping they would move away from the Basic ruleset, but never thought they'd go to the S-series. When is the expected release date?
Tentatively to be released in September. They haven't announced a hard & fast release date yet.
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