Got a collection of RAGE cards, what can I do with it?

Hi everyone!

Just got a complete collection of RAGE cards (the trading card game based on the WoD Werewolf game) from my cousin, who never played it but loved to collect the cards.

I've been checking the rules but haven't played it yet. I'm quite sure that it will be difficult to find someone to play with here in Spain, but maybe I can ensemble a couple of decks to make casual games with family and friends.

The collection is like this:
- 150 combat action cards.
- 170 gifts.
- 60 characters
- 30 enemies
- 30 allies
- a good amount of equipment, events, quests and other special cards.

My doubts are: how many decks can I build with this collection? And how should I build the decks? Just shuffle the cards or make "specialized" decks with only one type of characters in each one.

Sorry for my rusty English and thanks in advance for your help!


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First, find instructions on how to play the game (if you don't have them already).
Build 2 to 4 pre-constructed decks using deck lists that you can find online. Yes the game is dead a long time, but people probably still play and some webpages are still alive.
Third, teach one person how to play using the decks.
Fourth, attempt to grow your circle of friends.

I've done similar things with other dead card games like Middle Earth CCG, Dune, Mythos, etc.
Rage was a very fun game. I never owned it but I played using a friends cards. It is quick and brutal and fun.
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