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[Granblue Fantasy] General Discussion Thread


The work of an enemy stand
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They are so bad at this. I think even by genre standards they are terrible at it, and it took the incredible genre forces of Tahar, where inanimate objects believe in the power of love, to move them along at all.

This was a great event - and playable Tabina soon, surely.
I'm not familiar with Bollywood. Do random candlesticks usually join in on the music numbers? :D


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So weird thing I've noticed in the Proving Ground. It seems to me that when Amatsumaula knocks back the cooldown on Holiday Arulumaya's Snow Globe ability, it actually ends up immediately ending the cooldown.


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Some progress lately. Managed to grab 2 Ushumgals FLB so I could replace my crappy side story EX weapons. This also allows me to kill EX+ in the next GW in one turn with Chrysaor and HL as support summon (still have to do like 14 button clicks, but oh well).

My SSR PG ticket was Europa Summon, and I bought the SSR Summon ticket and I got Kaguya (yay). I'm still grinding Grimmir Omega Animas for Tiamat FLB, and I'm up to 5 right now, it's taking so much longer than Shiva animas, which is kind of boring (also, my fire team is super offensive and doesn't last at all in Grimmir with his autos hitting everyone). I'm also advancing really slowly in materials for the Sun SSR FLB.

I got my first FLB Omega Sword in my light grid (super nice improvement :)), and 2 Tia Bolts FLB and a 0* Grimmir Harp in my wind grid. I can't FLB more things in any element as I'm saving the quartz for the omega summons (I don't have enough quartz for Lumi FLB, but I really wanted 1 sword on the grid).

Fire GW is in the middle of my holidays trip, so I'm going to miss most of it. I'll try to get at least 4 boxes to start working on Okto, but I doubt I'll be able to do that much.


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I usually skip the story on events I've seen before, but I had to read Together In Song again. Even the second time through it made me cry. ;_;

It really is my favorite event. 💖
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