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Grand Central Absences Station


Statistical out-liar
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I'm traveling from today until labor day. Posting will be sporadic and for at least some of it I will have no internet.


Constant Giggler
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A big sorry to the games I’m in and running, but I am totally overwhelmed at work atm. I am basically using all my energy staying kept up, with none left for gaming :( Hoping I can get back on top of everything this week.


Will GM for Beer
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Monday is sketching itself out to be a busy day for me this week. I'll update/post as I can, but most of that will probably go up late in the day.


Resident Catgirl
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Out of the hospital since yesterday evening, but pain levels and meds are going to keep me from posting as frequently as I'd like. Will do my stuff as I can in between meds-induced naps.
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