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*Kickstarter* Graveyard of Heroes Fantasy RPG

Terrible Tony

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Hey all,

I've been helping a friend with his first indie press publication, the Graveyard of Heroes Fantasy RPG. It's now available on Kickstarter at:


What makes Graveyard of Heroes different from other OSR games?

It maintains a lot of the feel of classic D&D but with a new ruleset. You can see its heritage (and it wears it proudly on its sleeve!) but GoH is classless, with abilities and skills to tailor your character in the way you wish. Kenku Talon was my Raven-man Thief/Priest who functioned as scout and magical exploration expert, and the rules handled it with aplomb. At least until he angered a dragon.

The monsters are anything but a copy-and-paste as well. A huge number have been reimagined or are totally unique to GoH, taking inspiration from both classic and modern sources. When your players run across the possibly hallucinatory Machine Elves, the salt-coveting Ird, or a giant who wants nothing more than to marry your Mouseling, the possibilities for adventure hooks are endless.

A huge portion of the monsters chapter is dedicated to creating monsters from scratch, optionally using random tables. All of the monsters were built using this framework so you know your own creations will fit in the system.

Finally, the game system acknowledges the hectic realities of modern play groups, and was developed to handle both single session adventures and expanding them to “mega dungeons” with milestones to measure advancement.

The author put a lot of love into this system, and we've been playing it as our primary rule system in a weekly game running around two-three years so far, so it's definitely seen its fair share of playtesting too! Come check it out!
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