Great Quotes From The Wrong People II-Quote Harder

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The Hunter: There's a temple to some dark god or something in the basement. I'll be there.
Gehrman: Ah yes. That does tend to happen if one doesn't keep an eye on one's drains.


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"With beauty and grace the threads intertwine:
oh gossamer web of wondrous design!
Such beauty and grace wild nature produces...
ew! Look at that spider suck that bugs juices."
-J Jameson, probably
(originally Calvin and Hobbes)

The President of Earth: "As your President I can assure you there are no carnivorous spider people living atop the White House."
Queen Arachnia's Minion: "I think it's time the President got some new glasses! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!"
(originally Animaniacs, Super Buttons)
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