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greatest superhero rpg ever? and why


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So people please vote for your top three supers games of all time and more importantly say why you love it so.
your first place vote will get 3 points 2nd 2 points etc. also vote for one supers rpg you hate and say why. This will receive a -1 vote.

Please go into some detail if you can on your choices so we can all understand what make these games so great.

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#1 ICONS: I love this game and everything from the Fate-lite rules, the Silver Age sensibilities, the style of the artwork and even the fact that comes with a character generator make it the perfect package for me. In play it's not let me down yet, if anything I've had more positive, unsolicitated feedback when running ICONS than any other game.

#2 TSR Marvel Super Heroes (FASERIP): It's a simple but suprisingly subtle game. I think it was way ahead of its times.

#3 TWERPS Superdudes: Okay, so Twerps was a joke RPG, but power selection in Superdudes was impressive and the artwork and puns were top notch.

Worse Supers RPG: The Foundation. And early and mercifully short-lived D20 supers system.
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1.) "With Great Power..." (Incarnadine), because it perfectly captures the feel and tone of superhero-comics
2.) "DC Heroes" (Mayfair), because it is the only "physics engine"-RPG, that scales up to superhero-level, without bogging down
3.) "Silver Age Sentinels" (Guardians of Order), because it is the only non-licensed superhero-RPG with an universe I would like to play in

Honorable mention: Smallville RPG (I really grog it, but it is more "relationship-drama RPG", than superhero RPG)

HATE: "Villains & Vigilantes" (FGU). A crappy, incomplete and badly explained waste of space.


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1. Wild Talents - for gritty super hero play, it is my go-to system
2. ICONS - for general play, it is hard to beat - intuitive and flexible
3. Marvel SAGA - I'm a sucker for an unusual system, and the cards were oh so pretty :)

least favorite - Super Squadron - it was just plain bad


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1. Marvel SAGA / Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game (Mshag): Feels more like a comic book than any other RPG I've played. Builds on its predecessor, MSH.

2. (Classic) Marvel Super Heroes / FASERIP: Karma is a brilliant and early example of a narrative mechanic in a supers game. I also like the tiers. Just edged out by its successor.

3. PowerGame. A free internet RPG. I really like the power levels... it takes the MSH tiers and makes them more universal.

Villains & Vigilantes gets an honorable mention. I don't really hate any of the games, but I'll nominate GURPS Supers (for 3rd edition) because it caused me all kinds of problems.


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1) Godsend agenda - Flexible system, fantastic setting
2) Golden Heroes - easy to learn great to play - fantastic for beginners and still playing it 20 years on
3) Marvel Saga - best of the marvel systems I've read
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I'll have to vote for those I've spent most time with

i) Marvel FASERIP TSR - great feel, fast, easy to play, superb sourcebooks
ii) Golden Heroes - reminds me of the great times when GW did original, good RPG's and supported them in White Dwarf.

I'm excited about Kerveros Club, ICONS, and BASH UE but not had chance to play as yet... hope to be trying Capes tomorrow night....


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I wrote it, so for me it is the best. It is great because it makes motivations matter, is well balanced, simple, and generally fun for those who've run or played it. Tweaks for my 2E will make it even more perfect. Actually rub off the few imperfections I don't like, and improve things for other types of play. Including adding some chapters on Editor's doing their things, expanding the pitch. Etc. Will it be the greatest for you? No idea, I can only write what I want and hope it works for others. I know play testing is going very well.

Marvel Super Heroes

An excellent and wonderful game, written in the mid 80's it still hold up, because it is the best at what it does. Simply put an excellent mechanical system, power stunts (the first to do them.) Flexible ranks, and Karma (hero point) mechanic to smooth over the rougher edges. More importantly it is really a resource based game with a random die roll to reduce resource costs. It emulated Marvel of the 60-80's very well.

Marvel Saga

Card powered game which puts control of characters success chance in the player's hands, literally. A bit more streamlined than most games but robust, and fun. It is many local gamers favorite, because of course I ran it for them, and they picked it up easily.

Truth & Justice
A wonderful new style game. Flexible, simple, quite easy to use. I rather like the damage mechanic that lets you spin of future plot events from "damage" (really stress) you take now.

I could keep going. Many superhero games are "greatest" for one reason or another. Icons, Hero, and more. Just depending on what you want them to be great at.


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#2 TSR Marvel Super Heroes: It's a simple but suprisingly subtle game. I think it was way ahead of its times.
3.Marvel Super Heroes rpg
I assume you both mean the original (FASERIP/classic/etc.), but there are actually two TSR RPGs with the words "Marvel Super Heroes" in the title. The second one just appended "Adventure Game" to the end, is often referred to by its system (SAGA), and was also distributed by Wizards of the Coast after TSR went away.

They really tried to confuse things, didn't they?
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