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Gunnerkrigg Court Discussion Thread IV - Preaching the Please Be Okay Agenda


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Not really. This is one of those settings where you don't have to be human to be a person. Jones' thought processes are different enough that I'm not sure she'd count as human.

She was the first human-shaped being, though :).

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Plus, the notion of "first" is not as meaningful as it should be in a multi/universe where causality doesn’t necessarily follow the arrow of time. It is true that Coyote placed the stars in the sky at random because he was asked to do so and got lazy. It is also true that the stars were like that billions of years before there was any trace of life, even less of coyotes or other canids, on Earth.

Edit : also, there’s a good chance that Wandering Eye is the "god" created by occidental science that ensures by observing it that the observable world and its history are as predicted / supposed by observations. And she’s white because ethnocentrism on the part of occidental scientists.
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Of course he does; who would pass up the opportunity to be friends with a dragon?

I like Annie's hair like that.
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