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GURPS in Ancient Rome


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Perhaps one idea is for the party to be messengers for Empire, taking messages to and from the provincial governors.


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If you're lacking in numbers I'll have a go; one of the other games I was planning fizzled.


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I agree, in the topic there’s a discussion about having 50-75 CPs and that’s surely not enough.


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Is anyone here willing to GM a GURPS story set in the Ancient Rome? I have an idea for a story in ancient Germania but I’ve never been a GM before.
Hi All

A couple of days ago I promised to come back with a specific proposal for campaign parameters.

In working out the details it has become evident to me that I am overcommitted, and it won't be possible in the short term for me to allocate the time needed to properly support the campaign.

I would still like to run something along the lines we have been working up. But I won't be able to spend any serious time on it for at least 2 months.

So I will review my situation around the end of September and come back to the thread then to find out whether there is still interest.

In the meantime, I wish you all happy and successful gaming.
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