Harry Potter - mechanics for quidditch?


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If you want to simplify things without sacrificing the action, perhaps deal with the match much like the way the game Reign approaches warfare - a 'theatre of conflict' where pc's (equivalent to hero's or champions) can potentially do those significant things that effect the outcome.

The Captains (Generals) will be making a Tactics vs Tactics roll modified by what you define as the "quality" of the team (Army)...

... But first the action ...

Provide seminal moments (snapshots of action) where pc's have to make tactical decisions, act and roll, the degree of success and failure they achieve providing further positive or negative modifiers to the captains tactics roll?
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... The game only ends when the Golden Snitch is caught, or at the agreement of both team Captains.
The second part is canonically false. The only way the game ends is when the Golden Snitch is caught.

TBH as written Quidditch is... you could make a whole game out of it, but it would still come down to a lot of wasted space that could be shortened to the aforementioned seeker roll-off.
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