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Has anyone ever statted up the band Kiss?


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Kizz is a patron for wizards in the Umerica Survival Guide (a post apocalyptic setting for Dungeon Crawl Classics). And his write up is a little more extensive than most of the other patrons.


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Yes... I have stats somewhere for Starblazer Adventures.



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Just take any loathsome, disgusting, parasite monster from an RPG of your choice, reskin it as “Gene Simmons”, and you’re already 1/4 of the way there.

(He’s a Trump supporter, that should tell you all you need to know.)

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Don't threadcrap. It's fine to dislike Gene and his politics but that isn't helpful to answering the question.


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The closest I've come myself is taking a Botswanan Death Metal musician and making him a Ghost Rider type superhero with sonic hellscreams.

I feel like Kiss would be in that vein but more divided among their various personas. So Cat-Man, Freaky Beast Monster with special tongue thing, Weird Space Dude and Other Weird Space Dude. Of course two Space Dudes makes me think they need a starship and a mission to travel the spaceways making the galaxy safe for Rock n Roll, perhaps occasionally crossing paths with Ziggy Stardust and King Crimson.


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There was a Kiss comic in the past... I can't remember the details, but it basically showed them as overpowered immortals with immense power.
Sounds like Todd McFarlane's KISS: Psycho Circus (1997). Twenty years before that (Jesus, I'm old), there was Marvel's A Marvel Comics Super Special!: KISS, which gave them a powerset that would be much more playable:

Gene: strongest of the four, fire breath, could have his boots attack independently
Paul: emotion control through an eye-beam
Peter: cat-like agility, maybe claws
Ace: vibratory powers (phasing, sonic blast), teleportation

Oh, and in the original comic they were 4 ordinary teenagers who found transformation trinkets.

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I still remember there live action movie where they had super powers
KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park, in which they have more-or-less the same powers as in the Marvel Super Special.

There are a couple of groups for the old TSR Marvel Super Heroes RPG on Facebook. One of them, that I'm not yet a member of, apparently has a fan write-up of KISS. The other, the Unofficial Canon Project, which I am a member of, has a fan-made sourcebook for Citrusville, Florida that includes stats for KISS as well, based on their appearances in their Super Special and in Howard the Duck.


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Weird thing about reading this thread is that I saw loads of kids wearing KISS makeup on my way home from work. Turns out they're playing in Manchester tonight as part of their farewell tour.

I couldn't name any of their songs off the top of my head, but I do remember them turning up in the Howard the Duck comic.


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There is a funny urban legend here in Brazil that the band Kiss makeup is inspired by the Brazilian "Secos e Molhados" band ("Dry and Wet" in English). The "Secos e Molhados" was a 70s vocal group that was very bold in their use of makeup, fantasies and performances... Their main artist, and still active and famous singer is Ney Matogrosso.
A bit of reference:
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