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Hayward, CA - GM - Riddle of Steel - need 3-4 players


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RIDDLE OF STEEL players wanted (bay area CA)

Game/System: Riddle of Steel
Player or GM? GM at first, then rotating GMs
Play Location/Method: Hayward, CA
Time/Frequency: Not provided
Genre: Riddle of Steel
Current needs: 3-4 players
Accept Drop-In Players? Not provided
Accept Spectators? Not provided
Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less): Not provided

- All I ask are three things-

1: Bring your own dice. 20 d10 is enough and 2 d6's one red, one white.

2: Be familiar with the basic rules before play. No I'm not asking you to own the core book, but you should read the free quick-start rules avaliable online, and mess around with the combat simulator a bit so that you are familiar with how combat works.

3: If you say that you want to play every week, or twice a week that you SHOW UP. My hat know no limit towards those who flake-out on gaming sessions. If you think something might come up later that would cause you to stop playing then don't play.

If your interested: VR350@aol.com

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Oh, no spectators, ever, and no drop-ins without advanced notice.

No magical characters, low/no magic gritty setting.

Just trying to get a long term group together.
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