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Hello! ^^


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Previous to this I used to normally rp on a writing website which was on the computer, and truth be told it's been about a year or so. Though in all honesty, I'm up for learning new things, and new ways of rping. I know it isn't particularly helpful but I don't mind leaving my options open if that makes sense?
The folks who run RPG.net also run Skotos, which looks like some old style MUD-like gaming and RP. I haven't tried it out myself, so I can't say how well it works. But there it is.


Mostly folks on these forums talk about roleplaying, we don't role play here (the play-by-post forum being an exception). We also chitchat about related topics and completely real life stuff too.


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Alrighty! Thank you both, I apologize for the inconvience as well as being unable to describe how I exactly roleplay but I get the gist of what you're talking about, so thank you both! ^^
Welcome! If you want to talk/learn about roleplaying systems you can look in Roleplaying Open where there are threads about all kinds of games. In my sig there are a couple of games that I run and play in (IC means in-character threads, OC means out-of-character threads).

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<Mystified shrug>
'ell if I know! Looked like an ordinary (but brief) hello-notice from a newbie, just in somebody else's hello-thread. I figured a REALLY novice user, and I'd greet but not correct. But now it's gone... But no banhammer notice in Infractions forum!
Sometimes when somebody spams, we just delete it without an infraction; otherwise, it clogs the infraction board...


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I would also recommend suggest checking out Roll20, if you want an online experience that's a little close to tabletop gaming. I've played play-by-post for years myself but have transitioned to Roll20 because it feels more like playing and less like creative writing. (I do still like PbP, tho.)
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