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đź’€ Necro Help me name my Sith Lord

Jared Hayter

Some like it Gort.
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I also used Finnish names for NPCs in my d20 Star Wars campaign. They have a very Corellian flavor to them. Sorry Finns, your language just sounds alien to everyone else.

Lemminkäinen said:
Take an obscure language, pick a suitable word and take the translation. This way you pick the general style of the name and it has a hidden meaning. Here's a couple of Finnish words and what they mean:

Julma (cruel)
Ilkea (or acually Ilkeä, mean)
Kuolo (death but an archaic form)
Surma (death but an archaic form)
Murha (murder)
Pahuus (evilness)
Ruoska (scourge)
Perkele (satan)
Pitkänmatkanohjus (long ranged missile :D)

Feel free to add Darth in front of everyone of these.

One more:
Elämänvoima Vangittuna Muinaisjäänteeseen (life-force trapped in an artifact)
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Darth Zoloft
Darth Brooks
Darth Stormy, renegade Jedi Knight
Darth Pugnacious


Actually, something along the lines of Darth Necros would be kind of cool.

the first and the last

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Ratman_tf said:
I'm pretty sure Palpatine doesn't sign his name as "Darth Sidious, dark lord of the Sith, I'm going to take over the Republic, MUAHAHAHAAH!" :D
No, no, it's like a royal title: His Excellency Palpatine I the Darth Sidious, by the grace of the Dark Side, of the Sith and his other possessions, Dark Lord, head of the Republic, defiler of the Force.


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Darth Alhazred. Definitely.

Not that in- names don't rock too... Darth Tegral would be particularly good since it takes a moment to get it. Alternatively, Darth Ternet would be amusing.
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