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💀 Necro Help me name my Sith Lord

Jared Hayter

Some like it Gort.
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Darth Sipid
Darth Stigator
Darth Surrection


Darth Olomew
Darth Dakota
Darth Es Salaam

Darth Mal Seizure
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C. Edwards

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Darth Jett
Darth Stygian
Darth Visceral
Darth Frenetic
Darth Acid
Darth Scream
Darth Phantasmagoria
Darth Fever
Darth Scrumptious
Darthy von Forcenberg
Jared Hayter said:
I also used Finnish names for NPCs in my d20 Star Wars campaign. They have a very Corellian flavor to them. Sorry Finns, your language just sounds alien to everyone else.
Curiously, you definately aren't the only one.

Masters of the Teräs Käsi anyone?

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In a Star Wars game I was in recently another player's Jedi Guardian Character earned a Darth name for, well, understandable reasons.

GM: As you exit hyperspace into the Bespin system you are greeted with the sight of the local Naval Fleet performing maneuvers. Star Destroyers cruise in perfect formation while surrounded by an aura of Tie fighters. Your freighter's droid brain takes this time to say that while he is sure you are preoccupied with the Imperial armada immediately before you he thought now might be a good time to mention that it seems the "repairs" you made to the hyperdrive motivator didn't so much "repair" the unit as give it one last chance at life. It appears to have lost that chance. Oh, and you might want to answer the com. Imperial Admiral Muckity-muck sounds like he has something important to tell you.

Jedi Guardian: This doesn't look good.

Me: Well thank you, Darth Obvious.

NPC EnPeaSea

Erich von Nahzstie. Darth? He don't need no steenkin Darthes.
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