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💀 Necro Help me name my Sith Lord


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I need help naming my guy so his name is elo ren an ex knight of ren he is skinny like me he is related to darth sidious(sheev palpatine himself yes i shit u not i got his bloodline cuz hes an rpg character on fb group )since sidious used lighting ima try an make my guy use fire i was thinking DARTH PYRO idk tho seems silly he also had his hands chopped of by darth krayt(our universe has him idk y or how idc its a 100 yrs after the skywalker saga) he got his leggs chopped off waist down and my guy did use retribution with glowing goldish yellow eyes like my saber (same type as kylo)he literallt choked multiple dark side users from knights of ren and some troopers all at once it was mid battle lmao but ye i plan on makin him use fire like sheev alil bit vut im also gonna create my own force abilties and come.up with my own saber battle style/ form ima mix Kit fistos force intune style with yodas acrobatic style an call it fofo short for fast force flow. Ima become a cyborg an seek out the dark one (god )himself and try an get trained by him anyway gimme suggestions pls guys i need help and dont give shit ones

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