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Help me name my snake/lizard based criminal organization in my supers game?


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In one setting of Hearts & Souls2E, I have APOPHIS. Ruled by a guy who thinks he's the god reborn.

In core H&S2E, I have LOCUST, skipping the snake motif for an insect one. Faceless swarming drones for the win!

Albeit I do have a smaller snake organization, more akin to Marvel's Serpent Society.

You might look into myth more, I used Apophis, because it sounds suitably snake-y. What about Jormundgyr, the World Serpent? Dragon could work as an acronym, albeit I like the suggestion of Basilisk above. If you broadened it from serpents, you have REPTILE!

Aside from the feathers, you could do DINOSAUR, or or Terrorsaur! For strange dinosaur themed vehicles and empowered groups. It's a step backwards into time, and of course is really a bit like "Giant Evil Chicken!" but comic books don't necessarily care or notice.

Other named organizations could work too, using different themes, as mentioned I use insect ones. Astro City had PYRAMID, and Venture Brothers had SPHINX for example.

All of them go back for the most part to HYDRA...


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I like The Ophidian Order as well as VENOM.

I will swipe Uroboros , but not for the serpetn based terrorists, but for a global magic using coorporate conglomerate ( Yeah wizards in powersuits an ties!).

THanks everyone for your ideas.

Now how about an alternate for my Maggia analog?
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