Help me understand EGG's "Chainmail"


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You need Chainmail for morale too. It's referenced all over, but the mechanic isn't in OD&D. You can infer something akin to it that works from the NPC reaction table, but my opinion has always been that it was an oversight. Either way, there's no explanation on how or when to check it, as I recall.
Actually, you're explicitly told you can use the reaction table. "Non-player characters and men-at-arms will have to make morale checks (using the above reaction table or 'Chainmail') whenever a highly dangerous or unnerving situation arises. Poor morale will mean that those in question will not perform as expected." So while here is another reference to combat rules in Chainmail, you're also given an "alternative" way of doing it. Except this time there's no word pushing you toward thinking one of them is the "default."

As for missile ranges, you could get that from any miniatures wargame, or a book. It's not a Chainmail-specific procedure.
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