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Help! One of my friends wants to play Risk! @_@


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I don't own the game, I'm not sure if he does. We've got a small tabletop group of 4.

I kind of sort of really hate Risk. Maybe its because I don't know how to play, but yeah, not a fan (the setup factors in). I've read the math isn't good making some places too good.

But I also know there's a bazillion Risk variants out there. Please save me and recommend a fun, balanced-ish Risk variant that's currently available for sale!


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Uh, Star Wars Risk is good, but it's 2 players only and it's also Risk in name only. I've heard Risk Legacy had a good reception, but that requires commitment and I don't know if it's in print. Risk: Europe might be decent?


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Risk Godstorm, and Risk 2210 are a lot of fun with people who like Risk. Risk Legacy is a great experience but you have to commit to about 15 games to have fun all the way through it.

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Risk: Legacy has two rules that improve gameplay over vanilla Risk for me (at least initially--I haven't unlocked everything yet).

First, the entire map is not occupied at game-start. If any player's forces are eliminated, and there's an empty territory still on the board, that player can re-enter the game with a small force in that territory.

Second, the winning condition is not control of the entire board, but to achieve 4 stars (take and keep 4 objectives).

Player-elimination is no longer the goal and is only a setback early in the game. There are some rule differences I'm less fond of, but both of these make the game more pleasant for me.


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Heh, I have an old classic Risk set that I can't throw away but is way too tedious to actually play.

Somebody must have a set tucked away somewhere, play it long enough (with a time limit) to scratch the itch and then put it back. :)

If you're a student of games, you might as well play it RAW for the experience. I don't know who originally invented it, but it is a grand-daddy of current games.

A quick Google search finds this, https://www.firstversions.com/2017/01/risk.html

In the summer of 1957, Mr. Boisseau of Miro approached Parker Brothers with "La Conquête du Monde" (The Conquest of the World), a game invented by French filmmaker, film producer, and writer Albert Lamorisse, best known for his award-winning short films like "Le Ballon rouge" (The red balloon, 1956).

The original French and Parker Brothers versions have some groovy graphic design.
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According to wikipedia there is a "Risk (Revised Edition)" (2008) which preceded Risk Legacy but looks like it introduced some/all of those rules changes. So that might be a simpler option if the legacy aspect isn't one you want to explore.

Clearly the friend who wants to play Risk should be the one to by it, though. Maybe they'd be happy to have their own personalized version!


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If you can somehow find Lord of the Rings Risk, that is an incredible variant, with disparate armies and asymmetric goals.
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