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Help! One of my friends wants to play Risk! @_@


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According to wikipedia there is a "Risk (Revised Edition)" (2008) which preceded Risk Legacy but looks like it introduced some/all of those rules changes. So that might be a simpler option if the legacy aspect isn't one you want to explore.

Clearly the friend who wants to play Risk should be the one to by it, though. Maybe they'd be happy to have their own personalized version!
Yeah, those changes go a long way, especially because they reward decisive, aggressive action over lengthy turtling.
If you can somehow find Lord of the Rings Risk, that is an incredible variant, with disparate armies and asymmetric goals.
It's good, and fun, but for me it lives in the shadow of War of the Ring.


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I think the move here is that you're busy, you've got to wash your hair and can't make it that day.

I'll throw in on Risk 2210 is kind of neat though, the moon and ocean make things cooler and the turn limit lets you see your family again. The cards are nice but I found them to kind of be too useful in that way where you have to save the "nobody else gets to play cards" one for the last turn push.


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I’ll second the recommendation for the 2008-ish revision of Risk. It didn’t sell well because the components were crap (due to a last-minute redesign for international markets). But the rules were really good. They took all the lessons they had learned from all the variants and spinoffs and applied them to the base game. I think the current editions of Risk present those rules as a “quick play option” or something, but they should still be in there.

I mean it’s still Risk with all the dice shenanigans, but it’s now a quick game that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

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I was surprised that I found Risk 2210 kind of fun. Risk Godstorm was ok too.

I would never play Risk again unless there was some social fu at work (like my nieces wanted to try it or something). But if someone wanted to play 2210 or Godstorm my response would be.. eh, ok. Sure.

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We play Small World to scratch that particular itch. IMO, it's a better game. Quicker to play with more meaningful decisions and better at keeping everyone involved. The only disadvantage for your Risk-liking friend might be that... well, it's not Risk.


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Small World basically consists of playing the initial expansion bit of Risk 2-4 times until the turn timer runs out.

Yes, Risk has an initial expansion bit now. It makes things a LOT quicker to get started now that you don't have to basically draft or randomly distribute every space on the board.
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