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Help with Shadowrun 3E character Creation please.


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Hello Everyone,
I need some help building a runner for a short (over the summer) game but with the potential of maybe extending much past that time. I was originally going to go with something like a Drone Rigger because it sound neat being able to control drones and hot-wire vehicles. But during some research I came across a post somewhere that suggested a shaman for one shot time games. So i'm not sure what to play and am pretty open, I just don't want to try and create my own character without help because my luck I would make him completely useless due to lack of skill/knowledge. I also have the Shadowrun Character Generator program.

System: 3E
House Rules: Self Initiation may be purchased from/with Spell Points

Point Buy:
Build Points:
Edges and Flaws (max): 10 Points
Languages: Base native language at Int Rating for free.
Hobby Skill:
4 Points, must be a true hobby and cleared by the GM.



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Ahoy! Big 3e fan here.

150 Points with 10 of Edges and Flaws(I assume each) probably means a bit higher power of a game(I play a lot of 3e, 120-126 Build Points is pretty standard that I've seen at most tables, though we use the karmagen method), BUT it's not really like Super Prime by any means. High-power I'll call it. Getting some free Knowledge/Language skills are nice.

So Shamans first would need Magic; Full Magician under Build Points are 30 right off the bat. This gives you access to spellcasting based stuff, conjuring based stuff, and full access to Astral Space. Shamans need to pick a Totem(go check those out; they're in SR3, as well as various sourcebooks like Magic in the Shadows.)

Race: If you're looking to min-max a mage, Dwarves are rather excellent. Elves make better Conjurers with the Charisma bonus, but Dwarves get a Willpower bonus which is awesome in SR3, and their Body and Strength bonuses actually come in handy for making them sturdy. Orks and Dwarves cost 5 points, Trolls and Elves 10. Not sure what race you're looking for but there you go; subtract whatever that is. For the sake of this, I'll start Human.

Stat wise, Charisma, Intelligence and Willpower are important for casters, but with 150 points you can easily branch out as a backup, so you don't have to dump Body/Quick/Strength. Just focus on the latter 3. Attributes cost 2 per 1. I think the usual book max is 30, but check with your GM.

Skills are 1 for 1. Sorcery is spell based stuff, Conjuring is...Conjuring, Enchanting deals with Enchanting, and then there's Aura Reading. Then lots of other skills-Car, Pistols, Edged Weapons, Etiquette and so on. You get free Knowledge Skill points equal to your INTx5 and Language equal to your Int x 1.5(so a 6 Int character gets 9 language skill points.) Specializing lowers the base skill by 1 but raises specialization by 1. So Sorcery 6 becomes Sorcery(Spellcasting) 5(7), which means you'd roll 7 dice when casting spells, but 5 when, say, counterspelling. Edged Weapons(Katana) 4(6) is the same; 6 dice to hit with a katana, 4 if you, say, had to pick up a knife.

It's typically good to get some personal protection(ranged and/or melee, whatever you want) so you don't have to suffer Drain from having to cast spells all day(even low Drain spells can have an unlucky Drain roll). Having a social skill or two is nice. Knowledge wise, Magical Theory, Magical Threats, and-well these are all over. The sky is the limit with these. my elven adept has Industrial/Aggrotech music, Underworld Politics, Tir Tairngire Politics, Occult and Elven Society given his pretty widely speckled background.

(there are pools too of course which are figured out after you get the basics down.)

You get 25 Spell Points for being a full mage and extra cost 25k each. Initiation is not cheap, so keep this in mind(but it is powerful.)

Speaking of resources-30 Build Points nets you the million. 25 will be 650k, and 20 is 400k. With 150 BP I'd imagine you'd go higher here.

This is just some basics. Is there anything else you'd be interested in? Initiation is a separate thing that might take some explaining. I think somewhere on my(much needing to be updated) 3e blog I have a tutorial somewhere...


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Wow thank you. I was originally thinking about doing a drone/vehicle rigger until I read about the shaman being very useful/good for these shorter types of games and came across this - https://shadowrun-2050ish.obsidianportal.com/wikis/street-shaman So street shaman sounds pretty good, i'm normally a spellcaster in all my other games and most of the time i'm the healer, but I would like to be more of the damage dealer this time. I don't mind taking a healing spell like heal and the rest say damage or something.


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Good, basic spells for a spell list:

Manabolt(single-target pew pew)
Stunbolt(single target non lethal pew pew, awesomely low Drain)
Balls of these(Balls have more drain, but are AoE)
A Physical damage spell(roll against Body but can damage physical objects-Power bolt/ball, one of the Elemental Manipulation spells,
There are good Detection spells; I like Detect Magic/Life, Analyze Truth, Mind Probe for some basics.
Manipulation and Illusion spells have lots-a few goodies are the Elemental Manipulations, Sterilize, Chaos/Chaotic World, Phantasm/Trid Phantasm.

You probably won't have enough to get ALL of these but just to list some examples.

(Also hint: Drain rounds down, so a force 5 spell with a Drain of F/2 only has 2 drain. If it's F/2+1, it'd be 3, and so on.)


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Ok thanks. I'm going to put the information into this shadowrun character creator program and see if I can get a character put together, than write all the info into the pdf character sheet, then post back here this evening when i get back.


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While it seems you're moving in the direction of Shaman, I'd just say that unless you've played a lot of Shadowrun before, I'd suggest staying away from Riggers. They're a complicated archetype with complicated equipment requirements and nobody else is going to be using the vehicle or drone rules, so you're not going to get any help from the other players unless they've played Riggers in the past.
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